In my opinion, Back In Black by AC/DC is one of greatest hit written in the 1980’s. The guitar riffs are really catchy and cool sounding. And the best of all, it isn’t that tough to play! With a little practice, I’m sure you can pull it off too.

In this lesson, David Mackenzie (one of my favorite instructors from Jamplay) will take you through the entire song in a step by step process.

Not only is this a great opportunity for you to brush up your techniques, you can also add a new solo to your repertoire. You probably want to pay extra attention to the chords being used in the rhythm and make a conscious effort to play them with clarity.



Jamplay is a FANTASTIC resource for guitar players to learn how to play the guitar. Besides awesome teachers and engaging tutorials, you can also learn your favorite tunes in a step by step manner.

Points to Take Note Of In ACDC’s Back in Black

1 – For starters, you probably want to listen to the song until you can get the melody etched into your memory. Since this is a relatively easy song, knowing the flow and order of the song can really help you out.

2 – When playing the opening riffs, there are quite a number of open string pull-offs and hammer-ons notes to execute. You need to take extra care to play the notes cleanly and avoid creating unwanted noises from other strings when you perform your pull offs. Otherwise, the riffs would sound muzzled when the distortion is cranked up.

3 – Practice your 3 basic power chords – E , D and A until you can get your fingers to change between the chords fluently. This will help ensure the music flows smoothly.

4 – The guitar riffs in the song’s introduction involve playing a series of notes while descending down the strings. The tabs look something like this


You want to pay special attention to the bend and bend-release found at the end of the riff. Since this note is played relatively near the nut, it requires additional finger strength to execute a pull-off.

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