Teach Yourself Guitar And Start Playing Songs You Like

Self TaughtIs it possible to teach yourself guitar? This was one of the questions that I had asked myself 6 years ago when I first thought of learning the guitar. Back then, the Internet wasn’t as developed as it was right now. Nonetheless, I scoured the Internet for bits and pieces of information and placed them together and created my own guitar syllabus.

To be frank, I also had a guitar teacher and sat in a class learning the basics with a few other students. One of the main drawbacks was that the pace of the class moved very slowly and I was eager to set my own targets in mastering the guitar. With that enthusiastic attitude, I began to look for more material and songs to learn via the Internet.

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However, much of the information that was found online wasn’t professionally produced nor correct and I remembered having to correct a bad habit which was picked up back then. With that being said, teaching yourself to play guitar can sometimes bring many challenges without a proper course of step by step guide.

It is possible to teach yourself guitar and play your favorite songs without having to go through what I experienced when there’s someone to hold your hand.

Here, we are going to discuss exactly how to teach yourself guitar online.

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Tips to Learning the Guitar by Yourself

When teaching yourself guitar lessons online, discipline is a must. Guitarists, just like everyone else in the world, are prone to internet surfing and distractions. This means that you will need a bit more will to focus completely on your lesson and ignore shiny, blinking advertisements. A good way to do this is to choose a lesson that is either written or contains a long video, and hide your mouse. You will be less inclined to allow the clicking urge to overtake you.

The great thing about online lessons is that, as mentioned earlier, they are on your time. This means that you can pick up and leave off lessons whenever you see fit. This allows you to go about your day and is extremely beneficial to guitarists who work late, or who have home businesses. You can also choose your own material.

While this may seem like a supremely positive thing, it can be a double-edged sword. Many guitarists feel the urge to push themselves far and fast. While that way of thinking may do you well if you are a runner or a rugby player, it can lead to injury and a lack of fundamentals for a guitarist.

Take It Slowly And Gradually

stringing nylon classicalResist the urge to learn those advanced guitar techniques early on.

Just because they’re there, doesn’t mean you should dive face first into them. Teaching yourself guitar online requires you to exercise some restraint. Sure your favorite guitarists are using sweep picking and economy picking. They’ve also been playing for, in most cases, well over a decade.

Don’t let your envy become need or greed. Allow yourself to develop the basic foundations before you tackle anything extreme. The glitz and glamour only go so far once you develop carpal tunnel syndrome from over exerting yourself.

By and large, the internet is an amazing tool for guitarists. To properly teach yourself guitar using the internet as your guide, you must use your brain. Before you tackle a lesson, think to yourself; am I ready for this? This moment’s contemplation will help you to avoid injury and keep you on the right track.

How Long Does it Take to Teach Yourself Guitar

Keep in mind that your goals may be different from others, and while we will try and touch on each set of goals according to skill level, it won’t be entirely possible to reach every target goal because they are all pretty unique.

Your goal will determine how long it will take you to teach yourself how to play the guitar. If you want to learn quicker, don’t not make a goal; simply make a set of goals, which will allow you to reach each one in succession and allow you to teach yourself that much “quicker.”

  • Do you want to be able to read music?
  • Do you want to be able to play by ear?
  • Do you want a good musical ear (yes, this is fairly different than learning from ear; many guitarists can learn by ear but have an underdeveloped ability to hear what sounds good structurally)?
  • Do you want to simply learn cover songs?
  • Do you want to just jam out with some friends and use the guitar as a stress reliever and a way to have a plain old good time?

All of these little things will affect the amount of time it takes you to “teach” yourself guitar. We use the word “teach” lightly because, in all technical sense, it only takes a single second to teach yourself guitar; pick up the guitar and BAM, you’re teaching yourself how to play that very moment.

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