Basics of Electric Guitar – The Nuts & Bolts Explained

Very often, I get emails from readers saying that they are confused by the wide array of knobs and switches found on different brands of electric guitars. Well, they aren’t alone.

basic parts

When I bought my first electric guitar, I also struggled to comprehend how it works and what the various knobs/buttons do. Much of what I learned were through trial and error and I had an extremely steep learning curve.

Luckily for you, you don’t have to go through a similar experience I had. Jamplay has graciously allowed us to publish a complete video lesson from their library to explain how the electric guitar works. Hopefully, with this knowledge, you can unleash the full potential of your guitar.

For high definition video lessons, Jamplay is definitely the place you want to check out. Their well-organized lesson structure has enabled thousands of people around the world to improve their guitar playing skills and earned raving testimonials as a result of that success.

Sit Back And Enjoy Jamplay’s Indepth Tutorial

In this tutorial, Lisa Pursell is your instructor and she goes into full detail of explaining the inner workings and operation of your electric guitar. You will learn exactly what the switches and knobs do, string directions, correct methods to hold the guitar, and also the correct positioning of your right hand.


For readers who are already familiar with your instrument, you can simply use this opportunity to refresh your knowledge.

Instructions For Every Guitar Style And Level of Playing Imaginable

video lessons online for guitarists
Jamplay is the GREATEST online guitar lesson resource that offers step-by-step videos in HD. They cover ALL genres of guitar styles and have exhaustive content for guitar players of any skill level.

Jamplay also features a growing collection of instructional videos that is updated each week. Furthermore, they also offer detailed tutorials for members to learn well known songs with the help of accurate, interactive tablatures and song visualizations.

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