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bluesDo you enjoy the blues? Does the notion of playing blues guitar like BB King, Eric Clapton, Chuck Berry get you psyched? If that’s the case, this compilation of blues guitar lessons could be the most enjoyable thing you’ve ever looked at.

The blues are necessary for anybody who is keen on learning how to play the guitar. Not only is blues music fun and simple to play, it also forms the basic foundation for tons of rock songs today..

Many popular bands like Beatles and Led Zeppelin hail some of their influences from blues music. Modern day guitar gurus such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani had also paid tribute to the blues for their influence over their music.

Now, learning blues has never, at the entry level, been very hard. In fact, most guitarists start off learning the blues because it is such a great foundation to have. Vibrato, hammer ons, and pull offs are some of the most used techniques in guitar, no matter what level or what style, and blues has all three bases fully covered from the start. However, the blues aren’t the end all be all of music; there are a ton of other styles that can help you just as much.

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So, Why Start With the Blues And Not Those Other Styles?

Because the blues teaches the twelve bar blues, the most popular and most used progression in all of music; this is the progression that people get together and jam over. This is the progression that everyone knows and is a common ground between all guitarists. This is the progression that will open your eyes to a whole new world of guitar playing.

Learn How to Play Blues Guitar With Step By Step Lessons:

#1 – A Primer to The Beginner’s 12 Bar Blues
The blues genre can be further divided into musical styles like delta blues, chicago blues and etc… However, the common ground among all forms of blues music lies in the 12 bar blues structure.

#2 – Guide to Playing the Blues Guitar In Different Keys
With some knowledge of basic chords, this lesson will show you how to play in different keys and get you started with real world chord applications.

#3 – Shuffling Through the Blues
The iconic shuffling rhythm of blues music is an essential concept that all blues guitar players need to learn and master. Get useful tips to playing the rhythm guitar here…

#4 – How to Play Blues in the Minor Keys
Most blues music is written in major keys to give a bright, vibrant feel to the song. In this lesson, we will introduce the basic concepts of playing in minor keys.

#5 – Guitar Licks and Riffs for Slow Blues Styles
Licks and riffs are the lifeblood of giving blues music the bluesy feel. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples you can use to get started immediately.

#6 – 5 Fun Songs to Learn for the Blues Musician
When it comes to learning new songs, I’m sure it gets many people excited. In this lesson, we are going to show you 5 great blues songs that you can pick up easily.

#7 – Dominant Jazz Blues Chords For Multi-Purpose Uses
Don’t let the name scare you. Dominant jazz blues chords may sound complicated but all it takes is a little time and practice to get them under your belt.

#8 – Blues Guitar Improvisation to Help You Get The Correct Feel
When improvising in blues music, it’s all about feel and making your notes count. In this lesson, we reveal a few tips that you can use to fast track yourself in blues soloing.

Let’s Get Started With Jamming And Playing With Feel…

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