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Buying the guitar online is a great way to save money as it lowers the cost for the manufacturer and the savings are transferred to you.

However, there is a downside to purchasing a guitar that you had never tested out yourself. What if the instrument arrives and it isn’t properly setup for your personal needs?

You could have a hard time playing it because the action is too high and the guitar intonation is off. This could adversely affect your learning process. If this has happened to you, do not worry as you can easily solve this issue by making a few adjustments to setup a guitar.

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Climate And Weather Changes Can Change a Guitar’s Attributes

A guitar is a pretty sensitive musical instrument as they are made of wood and parts. A guitar’s body can be easily affected by changes in environmental elements such as temperature and humidity. If your guitar had transverse through a country with a different climate, it is very likely that it would need some retuning after it reaches your hands.

Guitar setup and maintenance can be performed by luthiers at a fee which typically cost anywhere from $60 for simple setups to $150 for more comprehensive jobs. I highly recommend that you learn some basic guitar setup skills yourself since all instruments require an occasional adjustment once in a while. Learning how to setup a guitar will not only save you costs but also allow you to maintain your guitar in good playing conditions with ease.

The bottom line is, even if you aren’t interested in DIY guitar setup, it is a wise idea to spend an hour or so reading up on related topics. With the basic knowledge gained, it would help you communicate with a luthier when you bring in your instrument for repairs or maintenance and when things do go wrong, at least you have a better idea of why and how to resolve the issues.

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Articles on Acoustic And Electric Guitar Set Up:

#1 – Get Rid of Annoying Fret Buzzing Problems
This an informative article that helps you to locate and fix issues on your guitar that causes unwanted buzzing noises.

#2 – How to Make Sure Your Truss Rod is Correctly Set
When the weather or season changes, the guitar can develop a bowing in the neck. This bowing can create problems in string buzzing as well as uncomfortable fretting. We show you how to maintain the guitar’s neck by tuning the truss rod in this lesson.

#3 – Setting the Action for Better Playability
If you are having difficulties in fretting the strings or require too much effort from your fingers to fret notes, chances are that your guitar’s action is too high. Find out how you can customize the action of your guitar with some simple tune-ups.

#4 – How to Get Pitch Perfect Intonation on Your Guitar Instrument
If you find that your guitar sounds out of tune despite tuning it to a tuner, chances are you have an intonation problem. A quick diagnostic you can perform is to make sure that the note at the 12th fret matches the note on the open string. If they don’t, read this article for solutions.

#5 – Setting the Pickup Height Correctly for the Best Tone And Action
Did you know that the pickup height not only affects the output of the guitar but also affects the tone of the instrument? With some trial and error, you can experiment till you find the best sound for your liking.

#6 – Your Easy Guide a Great Classical Guitar Setup
While the classical guitar may be built differently from the electric or acoustic guitar, it also has to have a proper setup in order to play well. I am going to share with you some tricks for getting started.

#7 – How to Make Modifications to the Guitar Bridge to Raise or Lower Action
The main purpose of the bridge is to allow the strings to rest upon a termination point and works as a placeholder where you can lower or heighten the saddle to adjust string height.

#8 – Plugging Your Guitar into Your Home Computer is Now a Possibility
With the amount of video technology available and social sharing platforms like Youtube and Vimeo, more and more people are turning to home based recording methods to showcase their talents. Find out how you could do the same here.

#9 – What is the Optimal String Height For Guitars And Proper Fretting?
The benefits of being able to perform a simple setup can offer the benefits of huge savings over the years instead of bringing it to a luthier each time you need a tune-up.

#10 – Making Changes to the Guitar Nut to Correct Action
When you find that the first few frets are difficult to hold down on your guitar and require you to exert huge amounts of force, you probably have a nut that is too high. We show you how to make changes to protect your intonation and attain good action.

How to Tune Up Your Guitar And Achieve the Best Playing Conditions Possible

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