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Have you ever struggled in learning to play the guitar? What about spending tons of money on expensive private guitar tutors?

Ever been to websites that claim to offer beginner guitar lessons online only to find that they do not work for you? If you are looking for free useful content, then you have just reached the right place.

The free guitar lessons here will save you tons of money that you could spend on teachers for simple stuff such as chords and scales which YOU can learn yourself.

Do not get us wrong, getting a good guitar teacher is still very important to increase your level of musicianship and guide you along as you grow musically.

Guitar Tricks is an awesome website with knowledgeable and entertaining teachers who really care about your progress. Check out their massive guitar lesson library for yourself!

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Here at, each lesson is specially crafted to get you started on your success to be a better guitar player. These tutorials cater to all levels of guitar playing. From being a total amateur to a professional guitar player, we hope there is always something here that you will find useful for your guitar playing.

Our website will be covering a wide range of guitar lessons and the lessons are categorized into a few main sections so that you can find and navigate between lessons much easier.

We want to provide you with a resource that always is here to serve as a refresher course for what you have learned in the past. This will enable you to learn guitar at your own pace and schedule. I strongly recommend that you sign up for our newsletter and to stay informed of new updates. It is truly going to be exciting when we add more features such as guitar videos and content in our advanced guitar lessons section on a weekly basis.

If you are having trouble with any parts of the instructions, simply drop me an email and I’ll do my best to reply in 24 hours.

Learn It From Here

Start right now by simply going through the free guitar lessons offered on this site. All that we ask from you is to take ACTION and practice what you have learned here. If you have friends who are interested in picking up the guitar, you could do them and us a favor by letting them know of this website. We’re pretty sure that they will find this site of great value.

Like learning any other new skills, the guitar can be overwhelming at times. One common complaint that I get from our readers is that there is too much information overload. To become a good all rounded guitarist, one has to learn several aspects of music. This is no easy feat due to the massive amount of information that is out there and it is advised that you take things at a pace that you are comfortable with.

For those completely new players, we have structured an order of lessons that you can follow below. By all means, use this layout or simply explore our website to get the related information that you are looking for under the various sections.

Guitar Lessons 101

1. Identify The Various Parts of a Guitar
2. Understanding the Guitar Fretboard In a Straightforward Manner
3. How to Hold a Guitar Pick Correctly
4. How to Practice Guitar Effectively And Get More Out Of Your Efforts
5. Learn How to Tune a Guitar in a Few Easy Steps
6. Guitar FAQ – Don’t Make The Same Mistakes Others Have
7. How to Change Your Guitar Strings In Less Than 10 Minutes

The Beginner’s Initial Stage

1. How to Read Tabs And Where to Download Them
2. Learn The Basic Open Chords for Beginner Guitar Players
3. Movable Chords: Barre Chords and Half Barre Chords
4. Basic Guitar Rhythm Strumming Patterns Everyone Should Know
5. Guitar Warm Up Exercises You Need to Know

Yeah, My Fingers Are Starting to Listen to Me

1. Simple Chord Progressions to Get You Started With Playing Songs
2. Basic Music Theory for Guitarists
3. Acoustic Fingerpicking for to Work Your Digits
4. Left and Right Hand Synchronization For Better Fluency

PS: Do you have any requests for specific guitar lessons? Drop me a note via email and I will try to accommodate as many requests as possible.

Jamplay – Awesome Teachers, Excellent Video instruction And Community

video lessons online for guitarists
Jamplay is the LEADING online guitar lesson website that offers step-by-step videos in high-definition. They cover EVERY genre of guitar style and have comprehensive content for guitar players of any skill levels.

Jamplay also showcases a continuously growing archive of instructional videos that’s updated weekly. What’s even better, they also offer indepth tutorials for members to learn popular songs with the help of precise, dynamic tabs and song demonstrations.

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