Metal Guitar Lessons

Metal LessonsMetal guitar lessons separate themselves from other categories of guitar lessons. If you are into metal guitar music, you would know that this genre of music is played at very fast and brutal speeds.

On top of that, the advanced guitar techniques and tricks used in this genre of music differ a lot from most classic techniques.

For the metal heads, there are few things in life that are better than listening to a great metal guitarist shredding his guitar at blazing speeds.

Fans of metal styled music genres will rejoice to know that Jamplay is one of the best resources to start your musical journey into playing rock, metal and death guitar genres.

From Yngwie Malmsteen to Iron Maiden, these are some of the bands that I grew up listening to and were great inspirations in my childhood years. These were the bands that inspired me to learn the guitar and perform on the stage like them. I am sure most of you guys out there have a similar story to mine.

However, before we can bring our skills to the stage, there are tons of guitar techniques and scales to learn. It’s like what they say: 5 minutes of stage performance requires 5 years of practice. What a true statement…

Playing Metal Guitar Requires Deft Fingers And Aggressive Riffs

Not only would your guitar influence the tone of your sound, a good amplifier and distortion effects pedal is mandatory. If you have some money, I would recommend investing in a good set of gear if you had decided that this is the style of music for you.

Moving on, below is a compilation of metal guitar lessons that were specially written for you. We hope to get you started in this death defying music genre and get those guitars screaming today. Be sure to bookmark this page as we will be constantly updating the site with new lessons..

Tutorials And Articles on How to Play Metal Guitar:

#1 – 3 Speed Exercises You Can Use to Play Faster
If you want to learn to play faster, check out these 3 speed exercises you can use to develop finger movements and techniques.

#2 – The Galloping Metal Rhythm Guitar Technique
The galloping rhythm technique was made popular by metal bands such as Iron Maiden. In this lesson, you will learn how to execute the galloping rhythm with precision.

#3 – Tremolo Tapping For A Distinct Musical Style
The term tremolo simply refers to a series of notes played at an extreme speed. Combined with tapping, you can get insanely fast licks and unique sounds from tremolo tapping.

#4 – Tremolo Picking in Death Metal Rhythm Guitar
In order to sound great when you tremolo pick, you need to pay attention to your timing and control of your fingers. Get the insider’s tips to doing this correctly in this lesson.

#5 – 3 Metal Guitar Riffs to Learn
Check out these 3 awesome guitar riffs that will not only expand your library of licks but also help you develop fundamental techniques.

#6 – How to Attack Your Strings for Dynamics
If you want your sound to get noticed, you need to play with a certain level of aggression. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to attack your strings for better sound dynamics.

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