Jamorama Review – Is It The Ultimate Guitar Learning Course?

review of JamoramaJamorama claims that it is the most popular guitar course ever, and that over two hundred thousand guitarists have learned to play the guitar through the use of their system.

With ads in Guitar World, guitarists may jump to the conclusion that the site is legitimate automatically, but keep in mind that anyone can buy ad space in any magazine.

In our Jamorama review, we’ll discuss whether or not it is a legitimate program, and perhaps more importantly, help you to decide whether it is worth the investment.

What Is Jamorama And What Does It Offer?

Jamorama is actually set up fairly well, with a user friendly interface. The site is easy to navigate, and is also fairly straightforward in terms of finding lessons and finding where to start out.

Jamorama includes eBooks that cater to your skill level, whether you are just starting out in the world of guitar, or you are a seasoned, gigging veteran. They provide nearly a hundred and fifty guitar lessons, and twenty six jam tracks. The neat part about the jam tracks is that you are provided with the option to either play along with another guitar, or mute the guitar portion of the track. Not many courses offer the same ability, so that is definitely a defining point for Jamorama.

The program offers numerous written tablatures, which is another aspect that sets it apart from most other programs. Most guitar instructional programs on the market are purely video oriented, but Jamorama takes a step in another direction and surprisingly, so long as you don’t mind reading, it works.

For Whom Is Jamorama Suitable For?

  • Jamorama offers step by step lessons and allows the student to choose what they want to learn. This is particularly useful for people who live a busy lifestyle and want lessons that fit perfectly into their schedule.
  • We also love the fact that the program is available as a software download. This means that you would be able to start your guitar learning with 5 minutes of hitting the sign up button – there is no time wasted in waiting for materials to arrive. Of course, there is an option to purchase the physical version of Jamorama (Dvds & books) for people who prefer them.

Additional Resources You Get With The Course

Provided with many of the tablatures are audio tracks, which means that you can play along with the MP3’s once you are able to play the piece up to speed. Inadvertently or not, this shows the importance of a metronome within your playing, as they give you the materials and the tablature and leave it up to you to do the rest. However, some may see this as lazy on Jamorama’s part, and in the end it is up to your discretion how you approach it.

The negative portion of our review is actually fairly brief, as this program is in fact one of the better programs on the market for certain guitarists.

As stated earlier, Jamorama is extremely tab oriented. For guitarists who tend to learn better through visual means, this will be a big downside to the program, as you won’t be simply watching a horde of videos.

Another drawback is the lack of progression. While the lessons are taught well, they aren’t enough for the serious musician. The lessons don’t delve into the very depths of music, which are in fact the essentials for a guitarist with big dreams.

This program is more geared towards recreational guitarists and hobbyists than guitarists looking to join a band and write music. Of course, this isn’t necessary a bad thing because most guitar players want to learn the instrument as a hobby and this is how Jamorama has positioned itself in the market.

Overall, this program is great for guitarists looking to simply learn the instrument and have fun. Jamorama is the BEST online guitar course that gives you value for money. No other online course of the same price tag comes close to it.

However, if you are looking to make a career out of your music and have a bit more cash to spare, you may want to look into a more serious minded program. Otherwise, Jamorama is suitable for most beginners to achieve a decent level of guitar playing. As long as you understand your own personal playing goals, you should be able to discern which category you fall into.

Here’s What You Will Get In The New Jamorama Guitar Course:

– 148 step by step beginner to advanced video lessons
– 252 pages of detailed guitar instruction
– 26 Guitar Jam Tracks

Special Bonuses That Comes With Your Membership:

– $29.95 FREE GuitEarit Ear Training Game
– $19.95 FREE Jayde Musica Pro and Chordinator
– $27 FREE Guitar Tuner Pro Software and How to Tune Your Guitar!
– $17 FREE Jamorama Metronome!
– $27 FREE Advanced Learning Techniques for Guitar.
– $15.95 FREE 30 days Songpond Membership *New Bonus*

We rated this guitar course so highly that we went to the publisher to negotiate a special discount for members of Guitarplayerworld.com. If you buy Jamorama here, you will receive an additional discount off the full price.

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Jamorama Achieves the Best Rating of 5/5 – Reviewed by Robert Ewing

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