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Whatever the occasion that you are getting a present for a guitar player is – Birthdays, father’s day, wedding anniversaries, festive seasons such as Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Choosing the best guitar gift for someone can sometimes be quite difficult. You may not personally play the guitar or have the slightest idea of what a budding guitarist may want for a present.

To help you out, we had put together some guitar gift ideas and recommendations that are very popular amongst aspiring guitar players.

Best Guitar Gift Ideas For Beginner Guitarists

So a holiday is coming up, or maybe even a birthday. Maybe it’s an anniversary or another special time. If your child or significant other is a guitarist and you aren’t, it may be difficult to find a great gift for them.

After all, if you aren’t one, you don’t know much about the instrument or its needs, do you?

Well that’s okay, because in this article, we’ll give you some ideas that will help you to make the right choice when picking out a gift for that special person.

gift for electric

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A Metronome

Our first gift idea for electric guitar players is a metronome. Metronomes are the tool that most guitarists will use more than anything else. It helps them to develop rhythm and timing, making them a better overall guitarist.

There are multiple types of metronomes, but the most common are electric metronomes and standard metronomes. Any metronome that you purchase should have at least a range of 100bpm – 200bpm. Better metronomes will range from around 50bpm to 250bpm with many possible intervals of tempo. They are usually done in intervals of either ten or five.

A Tuner

Another great gift idea for electric guitarists is a tuner. A tuner is a perfect tool to help your guitarist, well, stay in tune. Staying in tune is one of the most important things for a musician, right behind being able to keep rhythm. In fact, without proper tuning rhythm is useless, and without rhythm proper tuning is useless. This is a great present for people who have just started learning how to play guitar.

There are different types of tuners; some have LED displays, and others have no displays but instead play the pitch of a note–or frequency–so that the musician has to match the pitch by ear. The best tuners are chromatic, which means that they allow you to tune to any frequency, or note, that you want. This includes accidental notes, otherwise known as sharp and flat notes.

The Guitar Case

The third gift on our list is a guitar case. There are two common types of guitar cases; a hard shell case and a soft gig bag case.

The first is most commonly used by guitarists who are constantly on the road, or who have expensive instruments.

The second type is usually used by gigging guitarists; ones who move around a lot but either don’t have a very expensive instrument or need mobility more than a big bulky case.

In most cases with hard shell cases, you will need to find out what kind of guitar your guitarist has in order to assure that you find the proper case for them. If you don’t, the guitar may not fit properly which will be just about as useful as not owning the case at all.

Well, there you have it; three easy gift ideas for electric guitar players. For those of you with bigger spending in mind, you can always look into an actual guitar or amplifier. If that’s the case, chances are your guitarist has mentioned equipment that interests them, so just keep an ear open and go with what you hear.

Guitar Gift Ideas & Suggestions For Advanced Guitar Players

Have that musician in your family who brings their guitar everywhere? Not sure what to get them, and tired of giving gift cards and forced-idea gifts? Want to give a gift that your musician will actually be able to use?

Well, fear no more, because in this article, we will go over some of the best (and cost efficient) acoustic guitar gift ideas. All guitarists need a strap. Holding your guitar up is the surest route to performing. If you don’t have a strap, how will you be able to stand up in front of a microphone and sing while playing?

Guitar Strap

If your family member likes to sing and play, a guitar strap may just be the perfect gift, as it will allow them to do both while touching their aspirations for live performance. Read this article on how to choose a guitar strap for more details.


Another great gift is a metronome. Metronomes help musicians to develop the ever-crucial ability of musical timing. Developing musical timing (or proper rhythm) will help any guitarist improve their skills.

Metronomes can be either electronic or old fashioned with manual setting clickers. These tools can range in size from small to rather large, and can (in some cases) be set to certain time signatures with a signaling beep.

Guitar Tuners

If your family member doesn’t own one yet, a perfect gift would be a tuner. Guitar tuners are an essential piece of equipment for all guitarists. Not only will they help a musician to stay in tune, but they can also help train their ears.


This is done by (on specific tuners) using the pitch tuning function, in which the tuner emits a frequency instead of using a needle or dot to scale your tuning. This can help a musician to train their ear to pick the properties of a pitch and match it. This is an invaluable skill to learn, so if possible, find a tuner with this function.

Another kind of tuner available can sense the frequency of a pitch by attaching to the headstock and reading the vibrations that the strings give off throughout the neck. No type of tuner is better than another, and it all comes down to personal taste, but some brands are better than others. It is best to do a small portion of research before buying a tuner as a gift.

Guitar Case

If you have a somewhat bigger budget, a guitar case can be a great acoustic guitar gift idea to help preserve your family member’s investment. Soft cases, as long as they are well padded, add a good amount of protection as well as easy mobility.

Hard shell cases add the ultimate amount of protection, but in some cases are unnecessary and needlessly bulky. It all depends on your musician’s goal; do they want to tour? Do they want to play gigs?

Do they want to bring their guitar around and just play with friends and around school? These are things that you should ask before buying a case, as in some cases the prices of hard shell cases and soft cases can be very close, if not completely even.

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Guitar Gifts Ideas And Presents For Different Occasions

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