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This section is comprised of an article collection that covers general topics for guitar players. From generic guitar playing tips to specialized advice on forming bands and playing live, you can get some pretty useful information here.

I had also included some of my personal strategies and experiences of my music playing career here. Hopefully, you can learn from it and don’t commit the same mistakes that I made when I first started out.

Do take some time to read through these articles and if you have an interesting article you want to share with the community, feel free to drop us an e-mail and we will publish your content here if it passes our review.

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Articles And General Guitar Playing Tips:

#1 – Proper Ways And Methods of Using a Guitar Capo
The capo is a useful accessory that can make your life easier for people who play a lot of rhythm guitar. In this article, we show you the proper ways to utilize the capo.

#2 – Guide to Choosing And Buying a Guitar
The first and foremost thing you need to do after you decide to learn the guitar is to get yourself an instrument. Check out this article for tips to buying the best guitar for your budget.

#3 – Best Choice of Beginner Guitars That Are Recommended For New Players
For beginners who need help in selecting and buying guitars, here are some recommended choices that you might want to consider for the best overall value.

#4 – Using Guitar Effects (Distortion, Chorus, Delay)
Through the use of guitar effects, you can get a huge variety of interesting sounds. Read this article for an indepth look into the various types of guitar effects available today.

#5 – Tips on Starting a Band And Playing Music With Other People
If your dream is to start your own band and perform in front of a huge stage, this article provides you with handy advice to help you reach your goals.

#6 – How to Set Up a Rehearsal For Good Practice Sessions
When it comes to rehearsals and band practices, you want to make sure they are as effective as possible since everybody’s time is limited and studio rentals cost money.

#7 – Do You Need Guitar Insurance?
If your guitar is a huge investment of your money, it makes sense to protect and get coverage for them. By doing so, you can at least get some sort of financial aid in the event they get damaged or lost.

#8 – 12 String Guitar Basics And Introduction
The twelve string guitar is one of the coolest sounding instruments for rhythm guitar players. We take a look at some basics in this introductory lesson.

#9 – Overcoming Stage Fright When Performing With the Guitar
If you aren’t comfortable in front of people, you will probably suffer from stage fright when you are up on the stage. Find out how to overcome your fears in this article.

#10 – 7 Common Guitarist’s Mistakes Part 1
Check out the 7 most common mistakes that guitar players make and how you can avoid making them yourself.

#11 – 7 Common Guitarist’s Mistakes Part 2
In part 2 of the 7 most common mistakes people make, we reveal some shocking things that people do when playing the guitar.

#12 – 7 Common Guitarist’s Mistakes Part 3
When you take the time to find out why other guitar players make mistakes while learning the guitar, it helps you understand the things you need to keep a look out for in your own progress.

#13 – Secrets to Performing Guitar On Your Own
For people who like going solo, playing alone on the stage and performing in front of other people can sometimes be unnerving. Get tips and tricks here to become a better performer.

#14 – How To Plug A Guitar Into A Computer
Did you know that the modern computer can be turned into a home recording studio with the right software and gear? Find out how to connect your instrument to the computer in this step by step guide.

#15 – How to Make a Living With the Guitar
If you are serious about earning a living by playing music, you need to make plans to help you advance in your career. Get tips and advice from other professionals here…

#16 – 3 Guitar Playing Tips for Left Handers
If you are a left hander, you will probably face a lot of difficulties in finding the right lessons to suit your needs. Here are 3 tips you can use immediately to play the guitar.

#17 – Developing Your Own Music Style
Fact: there are millions of guitar players on the planet. So, how do you stand out of the crowd and develop your own unique style of music? Luckily for you, we wrote this special guide to help you out.

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