Guitar Tricks Review – Are They The Best Guitar Lesson Site?

lady learning guitarThere are a ton of programs and sites that promise to help beginner guitarists learn those ever crucial foundations that will allow them to grow into talented and knowledgeable musicians. Most of these sites also offer to ‘grow with you,’ which means progress as you progress.

In our Guitar Tricks review, we will discuss whether or not Guitar Tricks make true on those promises.

First off, Guitar Tricks is most likely the easiest site that we ever had to use. The site is divided into six basic sections; the home page, the instructor page, the lessons page, the songs page, the jam page, and the forum page. Basically, every tool you will need to use is within easy access, which makes navigation, even for those less internet-inclined users, simple.

No Risk Free Trial For Anyone Who’s Interested

Guitar Tricks offers a twenty four lesson trial that will allow you to get twenty four free lessons. While this may seem like a cheap sales gimmick, it actually helps users get a feel for the site and the instructors so that they can better make their decision. Unlike some other paid sites, you won’t know what you are getting into until you sign up for a membership. Guitar Tricks allays such issues by giving you access to 24 video lessons for you to try.

Convenience Of Learning Anything, Anytime

The lessons that Guitar Tricks teaches cover a variety of topics and genres, from finger picking form, to blues guitar and rock and roll. With over two dozen instructors, each with their own specialties and sets of lessons, you will have a choice of what face or voice you learn with.

The best part about Guitar Tricks is that you are learning from home. You can log on any time of the day and learn what you please. There are no set schedules that you are forced to follow as with local guitar teachers, and you pay by the month instead of the hour –or worse—the half hour.

This means that guitarists who work the third shift, or simply prefer to play early in the morning will have that opportunity. Insomniacs and night owls are in luck as well, as you simply log on when you please and start learning.

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Playing Rhythm Like the Masters

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Professional Instructors Who Have Years of Teaching Experience

The final great thing we can say about the site is an ode to the instructors. They are simply great, with easygoing attitudes that make lessons fun and easy. This aspect alone goes a long way in separating Guitar Tricks from the rest of the online paid lesson world. However, that last bit brings us to our negative portion of the Guitar Tricks review; cost.

As great of a site, and as user friendly as it is, there are similar resources that are available elsewhere for free. There are tons of sites that cover similar grounds, and tons of YouTube channels as well, for free. To be fair, paid video guitar lessons are usually filmed by professionals whilst most free ones aren’t. The quality of the videos is definitely higher in GuitarTricks.

On top of that, paid guitar lesson sites offer you more resources such as printable tabs, lesson files and good organization of lessons. Now, the thing you should ask yourself before diving headfirst into Guitar Tricks is whether or not you feel a sense of community and higher quality lessons is worth paying.

While the site is fairly inexpensive and does offer a professional feel and arrangement, you have to truly consider your options fully before devoting a portion of your pay each month to it. Treat the site as an investment.

Would you invest in something that saves you the hassle of digging through throngs of lower quality online guitar lessons, offers you a different experience in learning guitar and regularly updated lessons library? If so, then Guitar Tricks is right up your alley as your one stop solution, and you won’t regret it. If not, you may want to look elsewhere but there aren’t many alternatives that provide the same level of value Guitar Trick offers.

Learn Whenever And Wherever You Want…

guitar tricks

Guitar Tricks is a MASSIVE online repository of more than 4,000 professionally recorded video guitar lessons. They also feature a core learning system which is specially designed to help guitarists of all levels progress in their skills.

Check out Guitar Tricks and get instant access with a 14-day trial today! Achieves an Awesome Rating of 5/5 – Reviewed by Robert Ewing

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  1. Jane W.-Reply
    February 25, 2015 at 9:06 am

    Since 1998, Guitar Tricks has totally revolutionized the way guitar is learnt online. Guitar Tricks has more than 45 professional guitar instructors teaching at their website and offers a massive library of over 3,000 guitar video lessons.

    What we really love about Guitar Tricks is that they offer in-depth courses that take you through the fundamentals of playing the guitar (for beginners). This is followed by a seamless transfer into courses that allows you to pick and learn guitar styles of your own preference (for intermediates): acoustic, classical, folk, metal, rock and many more…..

    For more advanced guitar players, you can easily find and master popular guitar techniques from every style or even study techniques employed by your favorite guitarists such as Clapton, Van Halen, Santana, Steve Vai.

    Biggest thing is: the unlimited full membership is at a LOW price of only $12.95/mth.

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