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Learn And Master Blues GuitarShotIs it truly possible to learn and master blues guitar with a single DVD set? After all, that is a rather large claim; learning the blues is simple, but mastering it is the hard part.

In our Learn and Master Blues Guitar review, we will show you whether or not this set follows through with its promise of teaching you not only how to play the blues, but how to master it as well.

First off, let’s talk about the format. This DVD set contains six instructional DVD’s, a jam along CD, a jam along DVD, and a one hundred and nine page PDF containing all of the lessons material. So far in mere volume alone, this set is a step ahead of many other blues DVD sets on the market. But just because a set contains a lot of material, doesn’t mean it is necessarily good material, right?

In this case, it actually is.

Learn and Master Blues Guitar has gotten the formula perfectly. They start you off in the most basic concepts (chords, scales, twelve bar blues) and then work you up to the advanced concept (soloing, proper vibrato usage, improvisation).

Overall, Learn and Master Blues Guitar covers all of the bases, except one.

If you are a beginner who doesn’t know the basics of notes and fretting, you may find it best to take your time and learn these things before buying Learn and Master Blues Guitar. This is because the program assumes that as the learner, you have the most basic of knowledge. This isn’t a bad assumption either; most of the world understands what notes and fretting are, even if they have no clue how to play the guitar.

Check out a sample blues guitar lesson from the Spotlight series DVD course…


Here’s Our Review Of Learn And Master Blues Guitar Instructions:

Each lesson is explained step by step in the instructional PDF booklet, which means that you will not only have the video to follow, you will be able to read the lessons to obtain a better grasp on them. The jam tracks are a key element of this set as well because they allow you to take your learned skills and put them to use. Not only is this important for every musician, but it is also fun. Improvisation is an important tool for musicians, as it allows them to play with other musicians.

The highlight of this program is simply how it grows with you. Most programs bring you to a certain level and simply stop (i.e. beginner-oriented programs). Learn and Master Blues Guitar is by your side from the beginning, till you have learned to master the blues. To put it simply, Learn and Master Blues Guitar does deliver its promise. Mastering blues guitar simply implies that you know, are able to apply, and fully understand all of the usual aspects of blues guitar, and this set definitely gets you there.

Overall, our Learn and Master Blues Guitar review is positive. This program is solid, and it teaches you the tools needed to do just what it claims. The only downside to the program is the price. As with most of the larger programs on the market, the price is a bit on the high side, which could be a deal breaker for some. However, if you don’t mind paying a little extra for your musical education, this set will save you hundreds compared to lessons with a local instructor.

Be prepared for hours of fun in learning blues and jamming to the blues tracks.

Here’s A Quick Recap Inside This Blues Guitar DVD Course

Learn And Master Blues Guitar Dvd Course

6 DVDs of over 8 hours of practical instruction
• 1 Jam Along DVD & 1 Audio CD with over 20 songs in various styles for practice
In-depth interviews with legendary blues guitarists Jack Pearson & Johnny Hiland
• Downloadable blues guitar book & access to our online support community
• Easy to follow on-screen music and key ideas
• Essential blues guitar techniques explained thoroughly and simply

60 Days No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

The Learn & Master Blues Guitar Dvd Course is covered with a 60-day full-fledged no questions asked refund policy. There is absolutely NO RISK at all for you to try this course. Once you try this course and see REAL results, I guarantee you won’t be sending it back.

Where From Here? We Highly Recommend The Course!

Learn And Master Blues Guitar Review

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