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ear training for successMost guitarists do not understand the importance of ear training and the benefits of having great aural skills. I know the majority of guitar players usually jump straight into learning songs from tablatures without understanding what they are playing.

There are also those who drill themselves over and over again with speed exercises. As a result, these people tend to neglect one of the most important aspects of being a great musician; which is the ability to HEAR.

Ear training forms the foundation for achieving proficient musicianship and it lays out the foundation for music development.

For people who want to take their ear training to higher levels, we recommend checking out David Lucas Burge’s courses for the most comprehensive education your ears will need.

You Are a Musician But How Well Do You Understand Music?

How many of us can hear a piece of music and decipher it completely? The fact is that 90% of the guitarists in the world won’t be able to do so. Can you imagine a painter who can’t differentiate the colors on his palette? In the same way, how can a guitarist achieve true mastery of the instrument when he can’t even differentiate a C note from a D note?

Let me tell you another cold hard fact. The guitarist with better aural skills will be able to learn techniques, rhythms and improvisation skills and progress faster than another with weak hearing skills.

Of course, you could argue that a guitarist without good hearing skills may still be able to play the most technically challenging solos. In this case, why would you need to train your ears?

Well, if you throw him a progression or place him/her in an impromptu situation like playing a song in a different key, chances are he’ll be stumped.

Music is an Art

To be exact, it is a listening art that places heavy emphasis on the ears. To fully enjoy and immerse yourself in playing a musical instrument, ear training should be an essential part of your practice routine no matter how “boring” or “monotonous” it may be.

Guitar Ear Training Lessons And Aural Skills Development:

#1 – Open Your Ears – Introduction to Ear Training
This introductory lesson helps you take your first steps towards a better ear. We will start you with a few simple exercises you can immediately employ in your practice routine.

#2 – Open Your Ears II – Developing Your Aural Skills
The second part of our introductory lesson series takes you on Once you have taken your taste of using your skills, we move on to slightly more complicated drills that will help you improve your basic aural skills and get you prepped for future lessons.

#3 – Tricks You Can Use to Help You Identify Notes by Ear
Have you ever envied how another musician can easily identify notes by ear and want a similar skill? If you do, you don’t want to miss this article.

#4 – Learn How to Transcribe Songs With Some Simple Practice
If you ever heard a song on the radio and want to figure out how to play it on your guitar, song transcribing is a skill that you definitely need. Learn this essential skill in this lesson.

#5 – Singing Exercises to Help You In Your Ear Development
Besides drilling your ears with musical note practices, singing is another technique you can use to help develop your ear at a faster pace.

#6 – Finding Song Keys And Determining Harmony
With a combination of a good ear and some music theory knowledge, it facilitates the process of finding out song keys and helps you understand harmony at a higher level.

#7 – Ear Training Exercises to Help You Discern Between Notes
We all know that life isn’t fair. Some people are born with the ability to perfect pitch while musicians who actually need such a skill require a ton of practice and effort to develop it.

#8 – Secrets That Successful Musicians Use to Attain Their Aural Skills
Having great aural skills will not only help you learn songs by ear, it will also accelerate your growth as a musician and make you a better guitar player.

#9 – How Does Relative Pitch Improve Your Musical Abilities?
On a granular scale, music is made up of intervals and note relationships. With good relative pitch skills, you can easily recognize notes and improve your guitar improvisation.

#10 – Review of David Lucas Burge’s Perfect Pitch Super Course
In this review, we take you behind the scenes to find out more about David Lucas Burge’s Perfect Pitch Supercourse and show you why this is a course that works!

#11 – Review of David Lucas Burge’s Relative Pitch Super Course
David Lucas Burge’s Relative Pitch Supercourse promises results that will help you see direct improvement in your musicianship. Find out more details in our review…

Train Your Ear to Develop Relative Pitch and Perfect Pitch Skills

You Can Master The Art Of Perfect Pitch Too…

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