How to Use Compression Effects Pedals Correctly

In this video guitar lesson, you will learn how to use a compression effects pedal to its full potential. Basically, the compression effects help to level out louder sounds (less brightness) and sustain softer sounds (note doesn’t die off). When used correctly, this can make the guitar sound more pleasant to the ears.

Together with other effects such as delay, chorus and distortion, the compression effect can open up a wide spectrum of different sounds for you to explore your creativity. Your instructor today is Chris Liepe and he shows you how to use the compression guitar effects in a step by step manner.

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FAQ for Using Compression Effects

Question: Where would you place the compressor in a chain of effects?

A compressor deals with signal processing and should always be placed prior to any modulating effects. Generally, the compressor would be the first in the line of effects. Of course, there is an unconventional use of this effect in different scenarios, but that will be another lesson all together.

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Question: How exactly does the compressor impact your tone?

In layman’s terms, the compressor helps you sustain your notes for a longer period of time. This enables you to add a “liquid” quality to a clean guitar tone. Also, the exact use of compressors will also depend on the kind of genres you are playing.

Typically, funk and pop musicians use the effect to add volume consistency (without being too loud or too soft) and to give them a much-needed edge in their rhythm.

Bear in mind that guitar effects should be used as a means to create specific sounds that cannot be generated otherwise. It shouldn’t be used as a means to cover up inept techniques.

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