newbie choiceStarting the guitar is fun and exciting. With thousands of guitar choices, it can also be a bit scary. The market is jam packed with countless entry level guitars, but how can you weed out the scams from the true deals?

That’s where we come in.

I always receive emails and questions from beginners asking for advice on getting their first guitar. I hope to address this common headache that bugs a lot of beginner guitarists here by writing this article.

Today we are going to discuss the choice of beginner guitars. We’ll discuss in depth a few of the best deals on the market that will help you to get a great beginner guitar that will allow you to advance your guitar playing skills.

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Things To Consider Before You Buy a Guitar

When you are purchasing your first guitar, it is best to consider a variety of things when making your decision. In my opinion, one of the most important things to consider when picking a guitar is the type of music you want to play on it.

If you like rock music (I love rock too~…) and want to play like your favorite guitar heroes, you should obviously pick an electric guitar. However, if you enjoy acoustic music you should choose an acoustic guitar. Personally, I think it is important to consider these things because if you purchase a guitar that is not right for you, then you will not be motivated to play it on a regular basis.

One key thing to avoid with guitars, especially if you are a beginner, is brand worship. Don’t purchase a guitar just because your favorite guitarist uses the same brand; their model is either custom made or ranges in the quadruple digits, which means you will be getting a low end guitar made of low end parts which will make it harder for you to play.

While your first guitar doesn’t need to be an expensive signature model, just like anything else, do your research before buying any instrument. We have a special deal with Gibson’s Learn And Master Guitar course where you get an ALL IN ONE package deal complete with award winning guitar instructions.

Low Budget Beginners Guitar:

Our recommended beginner guitar for you musicians on a tight budget is the ESP/LTD M-10. The ESP company is one of the largest quality manufacturers of metal guitars, but this isn’t why they are our choice. For a guitar in this price range, the M-10 has amazing specs.

With a bolt-on maple neck and a resonant bass wood body, this guitar is made to last. Dual passive hum buckers, a volume knob and tone knob, and a three way toggle make for a variety of tones, whether you want to play metal or blues. ESP tuners are known for being stable, which means you won’t have to struggle to stay in tune, and the guitar has a nice thin U-contour neck, which means you won’t have to compensate for playing a two by four.

Plus, a string through body Tune-o-Matic style bridge means string changes will be a breeze.


Mid Budget Beginners Guitar:

Our recommended mid-level budget guitar is the Charvel Desolation Single Cutaway 3. With a mahogany body and neck, two passive hum buckers and a through-body neck, this guitar is loaded for the price.

Stop tail styled bridge and stable tuners will help you stay in tune, which means less frustrating tuning stops mid-session. The 25.5” scale will allow you to play in nearly any six string tuning. Because mahogany is a darker sounding wood, this guitar is great for blues, jazz, and heavy metal alike. This model is one of the best beginner guitar among the ones in similar price ranges.

Charvel Desolation Single Cutaway 3 Electric Guitar

High Budget Beginners Guitar:

Our recommended high budget beginners guitar is the Ibanez RG3EXKA1. This guitar has a thin, fast three piece maple wizard III neck, as well as a solid basswood body with a koa top. The Ibanez string thru hipshot styled bridge is extremely stable and paired with the Ibanez tuners, you are assured to stay in tune.

With a five way pickup selector and two hum bucking active pickups, the RG3EXKA1 will get you tons of tones. This is a guitar that will last you throughout the later stages of your playing as well, as the specs are solid and Ibanez is known for their build quality.

Ibanez RG3EXKA 1

As with all gear, beginner or not, you should try out any guitar before purchasing. The best thing you can do is assess your goals and do research accordingly. While these guitars are all solid, if your goals are to buy one guitar for your entire guitar-playing-lifetime, you may want expand your choice of beginner guitars into higher end mid-range guitars, or even high end guitars.

Hope this helps….

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