Great Christian Bands That Are Worth Checking Out

Christian BandsIn a world of music that often promotes vile messages, sometimes it is hard to find good, positive, Christian bands. The days of music being all about fun and joy seem to be gone, and in their place is a new wave of hateful messages about violence and addiction.

So what are some good Christian bands that are still promoting good messages?

The Flyleaf

First off, one of the most popular and famous Christian bands is one you may have already heard of; Flyleaf. This band has made an enormous impact on the scene with their powerful and positive messages, not to mention boundless talent.

Vocalist Lacey Mosley, not Lacey Sturm, has an extremely powerful and emotional voice, and her band is full of promise and talent. With a platinum record under their belt and many successful tours, they are indeed one of the most famous Christian rock bands of this new era.

As I Lay Dying

Next up, for those of you Christians who enjoy music on a bit heavier side, but struggle to find bands who don’t promote acts of violence or hopelessness and drug usage, there is a band called As I Lay Dying. This band was named after the William Faulkner novel of the same name.

They are an American metalcore act, with hard hitting, heavy riffs and guttural vocals mixed with well sung cleans. Like Flyleaf, As I Lay Dying has made an enormous impact on their respective scene, and they continue to be one of the top metalcore acts, evolving their sound and music with each and every offering while still keeping a positive message to their songs.


For those of you who enjoy indie and alternative styled music, there is Anberlin. Anberlin is one of those bands whose music makes you want to get up and move, no matter what you are doing. Their upbeat rhythms are infused with positive messages, and their writing is nothing short of beautiful. Anberlin has found great success thus far in their career, and continue to do so, with an album scheduled for release in the upcoming 2012 year.

Anberlin happens to be one of my favorite bands after I happened to watch an open-air live performance back in 2009. The following is one of the songs that I love…


Another band for you heavy music lovers who want to keep a positive outlook on life is a band called Haste the Day. You may recognize their name from the hymn It Is Well with My Soul. Haste the Day disbanded earlier this year, but this doesn’t take away from the music they gave forth.

Their music was positive and heavy, full of high energy and clean-sung melodies. They received a new singer two albums before breaking up, and while their older material was seen as better, the newer music isn’t half bad. In fact, it is almost a completely different band, as the style changed to accommodate the new vocalist.

Hopefully, these bands’ powerful messages of positivity appeal to you in every sense, and we hope that you enjoy each band equally. Even if certain styles aren’t your cup of tea, give each band a listen, as you never know what you may find interesting or what you may come to actually enjoy!

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