How to Play “Here I Am to Worship” On Your Guitar

Here I Am To WorshipTo those who understand guitar, it is simple. To those who don’t, it can seem more complex than algorithm. That’s okay though, everyone starts off somewhere.

Today we are going to learn to play “Here I am to Worship.” This song consists of basic guitar chords which follow an even more basic melody. In fact, there are only four chords in the entire song.

Before we learn these simple chords, we need to go over a couple of things.

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Assess The Strength With Which You Fret Your Notes.

If you press down until your knuckles are white, you need to use less force. White knuckling your frets can cause injury to the wrist as well as to the joints of your digits. If you find yourself pressing too hard, there is a trick.

When you fret, try lying a bit of cloth between your fingers and the strings. Notice how uncomfortable the strings feel through the cloth. Fret your chords like this. Not only will this help you to press lighter to avoid the uncomfortable feel of the strings through the cloth, but it will also save your wrists for years to come.

The second thing you should look at before learning this song is your level of dexterity. While the chords involved in this song are not difficult, they will become so if your dexterity is lacking. Chord changes require coordination, and this is something that should be built before approaching any sing built of chord shapes. Try playing the G Major chord and switch to an A minor. Once this becomes easy, you will have the dexterity required to play “Here I am to Worship.”


This song consists of four chords. The chords are used in different orders, and I will notate the order, but it is important that you first learn to play guitar chords.

The First Chord Is D Major.

D Major is played on four string. Your D String will ring open, and you will fret your forefinger on the second fret of your G string to create an A. Next you will fret the third fret of your B string with your ring finger to get D. Finally, you will fret the second fret of your E string to get F# with your middle finger.

Next Is A Major.

For this chord the A string is left to ring open and so is the high E. With your forefinger fret the second fret of your D string, giving you E. Next fret the second fret of G with your middle finger to get the note A. Finally, fret the second fret of your B string to get the note C#.

Our Third Chord Is The E Minor.

With your forefinger fret the second fret of your A string to create B. With your middle finger, fret the second fret of D to create the note E. Allow all other strings to ring out.

Our Final Chord Is G Major.

With your middle finger, fret the three fret of your low E string. This creates the note G. With your forefinger, fret the second fret of your A string to create B. Finally, fret the third fret of your high E with your ring finger, creating G. Let all other string ring out.

Now that you can play the chords, you can work on the order.

Verse: D, A, Em, D, A, G.

Chorus: G, D, A, D, G.

Bridge: A, D, G, A, D, G.

Now that you know the order, have fun!


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