Impressive Christian Guitar Riffs You Can Learn

Christian RiffsExpressing your faith through music can be a challenge. Not only are there different levels of musicianship involved in various songs but there is also the challenge of singing and playing.

All of this comes down to what your own personal goal is as a guitarist. Whichever choice you make, whether you just want to learn to play a song or you want to play and sing, the best thing to do first is to learn the riff.

In this article we will discuss some popular Christian guitar riffs that will allow you to further your skills as a musician as well as take a dive into new musical territory.

Infected By Demon Hunter

This is an extreme way to start off our list, but it just goes to show the variety of Christian music available. Demon Hunter blends metal core, nu metal, and alternative metal with lyrical influence from their faith to create a hard driving, heavy metal sound.

Infected is one of their more popular songs available. It is simple to play and will give you a feeling of great octave usage within a riff. If you tend to lean more toward the aggressive side with your music, Demon Hunter is a great place to start.


Soldiers Under Command By Stryper

Stryper is perhaps one of the most popular Christian metal bands of all time. They have been around since the eighties and were pioneers in hair metal.

Not only do they have great musicianship, but they have some of the most memorable riffs of their generation as well. Soldiers Under Command is on the lighter side of the Christian metal spectrum but it is still an in-your-face tune.



Breaking My Own Heart By Haste the Day

Haste the Day was one of the most exciting bands to emerge on the Christian metal scene. When they switched vocalists, their sound and overall style changed and many fans were left disappointed.

Many more were left with new hope. While they did disband earlier in 2011, they left some great tracks behind. Breaking My Own Heart is one of their best. The song is fast-paced and breaks down into a smoother, more atmospheric section about halfway in.


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