Review of Perfect Pitch Super Course

Music can be your best friend or your worst enemy. In less than an instant music can transform from passionate love to a frustrating cluster of desperation and envy. We all know that musician who seems to just pick up songs in an instant as if it was the easiest thing in the world.

As a guitarist, I know the jealousy involved with listening to the latest Dream Theater track and having a buddy of mine call me ten minutes after it was released, wanting to jam it out. In those moments, two thoughts always go through my head; man I wish I was him, followed by how the heck does he do it?

The answer, quite simply, falls into having an ear for pitch. Perfect pitch is, with all of the outer shells stripped away, is the ability to recognize notes instantly by ear.

Sure, some people are born with perfect pitch, but that isn’t the only way it perfect pitch is achieved. There are numerous programs and software on the market that promise to deliver the ability of perfect pitch.

This is a review of a program called the Perfect Pitch Super Course. This has been at the forefront of the absolute pitch market for thirty years, but of course, just telling you that it is great doesn’t exactly make it so, now does it?

Why is the Perfect Pitch Super Course, In This Reviewer’s Eye, So Effective?

Before I can answer that, let’s talk about what perfect pitch is. Perfect pitch is not only the ability to identify a note, but also the key signature from which the note is derived, as well as the ability to sing a note perfectly without having heard it.

But perfect pitch doesn’t stop there.

Perfect pitch entails the ability to identify the tones of a chord as well as name pitches of every day objects. Have you ever heard your microwave beep once your burrito has been warmed up? With perfect pitch, you would be able to identify the exact pitch and key of the beep.

What good would this do? Quite a lot of good, actually. The ability to replicate sounds is actually a highly sought-after ability in both the music and video game industries.

Most pitch systems are set up as video games. They teach you the basics, but when it comes to advanced concepts and application, they lack dangerously. The Perfect Pitch Super Course is highly interactive while maintaining a studious feel. There is a home-study course which can help integrate the program into your daily schedule, as well as David Lucas Burge’s 97% success rate.

Perfect Pitch Super Course Review

With easy to follow, increasingly challenging exercises and lessons, the program gives a depth of knowledge that you can utilize at your own pace. There is no steep learning curve with this software; all of the discs contain easily guided lessons, with full instruction and fluency.

In the end, music is a highly competitive field. If you are serious about a career in music, you owe it to yourself to obtain perfect pitch, as it can be learned. Even if you are a hobbyist, perfect pitch can go a long way to improving your guitar skills, whether they are that of learning cover songs or creating your own music.

Achieving perfect pitch is an important step along the road to composing your own perfect pieces. With perfect pitch, you can gain insights to music that you had never experienced before and improve your guitar playing ability by 300%.

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