Review of Relative Pitch Super Course

Have you ever played a chord? If you are a musician, chances are that you have. Chords are an every day thing for musicians. We use countless chords every day, whether to jam with some friends or to write some music to play out at the local clubs or bars.

If we are lucky enough, we play those same chords in front of thousands of head banging fans. Here’s the zinger, though; have you ever tried to decipher a chord?

I bet you have heard a song and thought about how neat some of the parts sounded. You probably listened to the immensity created by the chord, but you didn’t actually listen to the chord itself. Now how exactly do I know that?

Because chances are you didn’t identify the intervals within that chord by ear.

After hearing that certain song with that certain chord, you probably began running searches on the internet for tablature. Then, maybe you discovered that no one has tabbed the song. Now it’s up to you to learn the chords by identifying their intervals, or wait months for someone to hopefully tab it out for you.

Okay, maybe I am leaving out the third option. You can use Relative Pitch Super Course.

Relative Pitch Super Course Review

So you’re saying this program teaches you how to play every song ever?


What I am saying is that it gives you, as a musician, the tools to learn every song ever.


First let’s talk about what relative pitch is. Relative pitch is the ability to decipher the distance, known as interval, between musical notes. This is an ability that is hard earned, as it takes years of practice. Or is it?

The Relative Pitch Supercourse, while not a magic spell, can take years of training and condense it into a few months. With user friendly explanations, David Lucas Burge not only helps to stress the importance of relative pitch, but also walks you through it step by step. Tests are administered throughout to help you track your progress, letting you know exactly where you stand in the world of relative pitch.

With forty-one discs, this program gives you the tools necessary to achieve relative pitch.

Disclaimer: Yes, we understand that forty-one is quite a number, especially for discs. However, let’s compare that to the number of CDs worth of plays you have on your iTunes. If you are a musician, the total length of these discs will pale in comparison.

Now that you realize that number isn’t quite so large, you may be wondering if the program is right for you. There are countless interval training programs, but few go to the depths of the Relative Pitch Super Course. With in-depth explanations tailored to even the freshest newcomers, the Relative Pitch Super Course makes learning intervals far easier.

Whether you like to play casually and learn your favorite artist’s songs, or you want to blow ear drums in a stadium, relative pitch is a key essential in getting there. If you can’t decipher what sounds pleasant from what sounds wrong, your music may suffer, and furthermore, you won’t even understand why.

Do you want the ability to Understand and Speak the Language of Music – by EAR?

With relative pitch, you can gain insights into music that you had never experienced before and improve your guitar playing ability by 300%.

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