Christmas Gifts of Different Budgets for Guitarists

When Christmas is on its way, gift buying can get a bit hectic. A lot of us tend to wait until last minute, and that makes it even harder to find that perfect gift.

However, it doesn’t make it anywhere near impossible. In fact, Christmas gift for guitar payers are usually fairly easy to find, depending on your budget. In this article, we will go over a couple of Christmas gift ideas for guitar players that cater to every budget.


Lower Level Budgets

For those of you on tighter budgets (and trust us, you aren’t alone), one of the best gifts you can get a guitarist is a capo. Capos make it easier for guitarists to play in other tunings without worrying about ruining their tremolo systems or warping their necks.

Another great guitar gift idea for this category is picks. Guitarists lose picks like animals shed fur; all the time. You’d be hard-pressed to find a guitarist who doesn’t constantly lose their picks. Guitar picks are so small and seem to disappear faster than candy.

If you are in question about what type of pick to get, Dunlop picks tend to be one of the more popular brands due to their durability and innovation with design. By a variety pack and let the guitarist choose which ones they will need most.

Mid-Level Budgets:

Guitarists need guitar cases. Protecting an instrument is the best way to preserve the investment it represents, whether that is a career based investment or a hobby based investment. Padded cases are a great gift for musicians who are constantly moving and in need of something light weight that will add a good level of protection.

Hard shell cases are the perfect gift for musicians who are on the road and will have a car, truck, SUV, or van filled with instruments and need a little bit of extra protection.

Tuners are another great gift, and the best types of tuners are chromatic tuners. Chromatic tuners will give a musician an array of options for tuning to their needs, whether they want to experiment or just use several different traditional tunings. Some tuners have built in metronomes or even pitch readers; it all depends on what kind you are looking for, and what your budget is.

High-Level Budgets:

The first suggestion is easy; a guitar. Guitar players, naturally, love guitars. If the guitarist you are buying for is a family member or significant other, it seems pretty natural that you should consider a guitar if your budget allows it.

Listen to what they talk about if you aren’t sure what type of guitar to buy; chances are they have mentioned guitars they are looking to buy numerous times.

Another great gift is an amplifier. Again, this is only if your budget allows it; don’t feel the need to spend everything you have on your family member or significant other. Just like with buying a guitar, guitarists tend to talk about amps that they are interested in as well; just open up an ear, and chances are, they’ll tell you at some point exactly what they want.

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