Best Electric Guitar Starter Kits to Consider Buying

starter kitStarting off guitar is confusing enough as is; learning scales and licks, developing proper rhythm and timing—everything builds upon these vital stepping stones, and while they may seem simple, it can be frustrating at first when you are just trying to find the right guitar.

After all, there are thousands upon thousands of them available on the market, in every color, shape, size, and close to a hundred brands and branch offs.

As a beginner, one of the things that you should consider is a good beginner guitar package that has all the wheels and deals; amp, cable, guitar, gig bag—everything to get you on your feet in a positive way. In this article, we will talk about the best packages to do just this.

Before we begin, remember that what you want and what we like aren’t always going to be the same. If these packages don’t sate your need, don’t worry; just do a little research and find one that does. After all, if you like warm and we like cold, well, you’ll already see that we have different tastes.

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Good Electric Guitar Starter Packs

The first of our personal favorite electric guitar beginner kits is the Dean Vendetta Guitar and Amp pack. The Dean Vendetta guitar has a basswood body, a nice maple neck with great fret access for an entry level guitar, twenty-four extra jump frets with a rosewood fingerboard, two passive hum bucker pickups, and a nice and simple tremolo system complete with a whammy bar.

For a beginner guitar, the Vendetta plays exceptionally well. The package comes with a nice little practice amp that has the basic features you would expect from such an amp (treble, gain, bass, middle). It also comes with a gig bag, some strings, a cord, an electric guitar tuner, and a strap.

dean vendetta guitar and amp
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Our second personal favorite electric guitar beginner kit is the Ibanez IJX20 Jumpstart Guitar Package. This guitar has a smooth, fast, and thin maple neck, one of the features that Ibanez is best known for, as well as a basswood body, a twenty-two fret rosewood fingerboard fret board, two passive hum bucker pickups, a decent tremolo system with a whammy bar, and a lightweight design, one of Ibanez’s other prized features.

The package comes with a basic electric guitar amp made by Ibanez, which has the basic features you would expect of a practice amp, as well as a gig bag, an electronic tuner, a guitar strap, some picks, and a guitar cable. The guitar, just like the Dean, is one of the best playing guitars in its price range and is perfect for styles such as rock, hard rock, heavy metal, and jazz.


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In the end, you know what you want from a package more than we do, so if these packages just don’t seem to be the right ones, don’t worry about it; there are a ton more where they came from. Be sure to do your research before buying anything. Have fun with your purchase, and good luck starting to play the guitar!

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