Great Guitar Presents for Female Players

gift for femalesThe guitar is a universal instrument. Unfortunately, while this is true, it is sometimes difficult to cater to female guitarists.

The reason for this is because, statistically, males tend to show more of an instrument and the guitar, thus many companies cater to this. It is to keep the companies afloat and to allow them to market items that people will actually buy.

This doesn’t mean that all hope is lost, though.

In this article, we’ll give you some ideas of great guitar presents for female guitar players.

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Guitar Strap

A great gift for any guitarist, including a female guitarist, is a customized guitar strap. Customized straps can, as the title infers, be customized to the buyer’s desire. Take for instance color; guitar straps can be customized to come in any color that you choose.

You can also have a name embroidered on the guitar strap in any color you wish as well. Since you know your guitarist better than anyone else, buying them a customized guitar strap will allow you to take charge of exactly what they will be receiving.

The Guitar Itself

Another great gift for female guitarists, if your budget allows, is a guitar. There are a few female orientated guitar companies, such as the popular Daisy Rock company. However, not all girls will enjoy the glittery, sparkly, brightly colored instruments that they offer. Some may think that the guitars are better geared toward little girls (around the age of eight or nine).

Again, you should know your guitarist’s taste. If the person that you are buying the instrument for doesn’t like glittery guitars, your best bet is to look into more traditionally finished guitars, with either matted or glossed colors.

Care For Your Nails

If your female guitarist plays finger style, such as classical guitar or country guitar, a manicure could be a great idea for a gift. Men who play classical and country guitar sometimes get manicures. This is because, when playing with your fingers, your nails have a high risk of becoming damaged.

Getting your nails professionally cared for will make them healthier and stronger. Many times the manicurist will add special coating, such as acrylic, to help your nails harden and allow the layers to strengthen.

The one thing that you will want to look into when giving a manicure service as a gift is the shop itself. Just like with instruments, not all manicurist shops are created equally.

Some can be dirty and unprofessional. In these cases, it is better to go without than to risk your nail’s health. Keep this in mind if you want to give this sort of gift; a few seconds of simply walking in and scoping out the shop can make a big difference. Don’t just waltz over to any old manicurist or nail salon and buy a gift card or pass; do your part by making sure that the shop is respectable.

Now that you have a few ideas of what to buy the female guitarist in your family, the next step is to make your decision. Good luck!

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