Personalized Guitar Straps For That Special Player

personalized strapEver just want something for yourself? Something to set yourself apart from the countless other guitarists who own the same guitars, same amps, and same gear as you?

Equipment is expensive to get customized, and most of us don’t trust ourselves tooling around with expensive instruments.

It can be a scary thing; your pride and joy guitar suddenly spattered in paint, and now you’re rethinking what you were going to do.

But there are plenty of other things that you can customize without breaking the bank or your heart. In this article, we will discuss one of the most common solutions; personalized guitar straps.

Why Is Guitar Strap Important?

Guitar straps are things that every guitarist needs. Why? Well, you need to hold up your guitar so that you can play a show, don’t you? And unless you are one of the biggest bands in the country and you can play a sit-down acoustic set to hundreds of hungry fans and their lighters, chances are you aren’t going to enjoy your show from the vantage point of a stool.

Getting a personalized guitar strap is an easy way to make fans take notice without spending too much money. Personalized straps can go one of two ways; you can purchase a custom strap, made just for you, or you can buy a strap and alter it how you see fit.

2 Ways To Personalize

There are quite a few ways that you can have your strap personalized. The first, and most common, is having it embroidered. It can be with your name, your band’s name, or even a self drawn or artist drawn design. These can be made in various colors and can help people to recognize you.

It’s also a good thing when it comes to theft. If you should ever have to face the misfortune of someone stealing your instrument, a personalized strap is the first thing anyone will notice. Chances are the thief won’t, as people who steal instruments tend to be desperate.

If you like spikes or studs, either can be added to a custom or personalized guitar strap. You can design patterns with the spikes or studs, or even embroider with them. When designing a personalized guitar strap, your imagination is the only limit to what can be done.

A few good things to take into consideration when having a strap made, or making a strap yourself; how long do you want to use this strap? What is your budget? How do you want fans to see you? For a more practical view, read out article on choosing a guitar strap.

If you are in a band that tends to take itself lightly, you won’t have to worry about how overboard you go with your design. But if you are in a band that is serious, you don’t want your design to look overly childish or bordering on “teenage rebellion,” as it will be hard to get the message across straight.

In the end, as we said before, your imagination will dictate how far your strap customization goes. It can range anywhere from a simple name and embroidery, to an elegant affair. It’s all up to you!

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