Budget Friendly Guitar T-Shirt Gifts

Finding gifts for the guitarist in your family can be difficult, especially if that guitarist has a job to buy equipment, or already has most of the equipment that they need.

However, it isn’t nearly impossible. In fact, one thing that most guitarists need more of is clothing. So long as you have the sizes and measurements required, a tee shirt could be a great gift for a guitarist.

In this article, we’ll discuss where to go to find that perfect tee shirt for your special guitarist.

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Knowing Their Get Up

First off, you need to figure out a few things. What style is your guitarist into? If they are a country musician, chances are they aren’t going to want a dark, evil looking tee shirt designed for a metal guitarist. The same goes for a metal guitarist; they aren’t going to want a frilly, Partridge Family tee shirt with tassels on it or anything of the sort.


Musicians’ style of dress often corresponds with the type of music they play. More aggressively geared musicians tend to dress in darker colors with darker symbols and imagery. More poppy and upbeat musicians tend to favor brighter colors and brighter symbols and imagery.

This isn’t always the case, but these are things that you should know when you are buying clothing for a musician. Take a look at their style; don’t try and buy them something to change it, as it won’t get used. Buy something that you know your musicians will love.

Now here are some of the places where loved ones often tend to get confused. With metal loving musicians, unless the person is younger (sixteen and under) or fairly immature, chances are they are not going to want skulls and bones and other Halloween-ish imagery on their clothing. It may be a stereotypical taste, but it is usually outgrown fairly quickly.

If you aren’t sure what type of guitar shirt to get, you can always get a music tee shirt for them of their favorite band or group or artist. This is another great way to avoid getting trapped in that “childish imagery” scene that many clothing companies tend to fall into.

Get It Online

A great place to start looking for tee shirts for metal musicians is Rockabilia. They tend to have a wider selection than most sites and cater to the underground scene a bit more. Another great place is actually Amazon. Amazon has an enormous selection of musical related and guitar-related tee shirts.

They deal with outside sites, allowing them to do business through Amazon, using it as a sort of in-between. If you aren’t having luck at any of these locations, your best bet is to check on the site of the company you are looking for itself, whether that be Mesa Boogie or ESP Guitars. These sites will either sell directly or have links to distributors of their different categories of products.

In the end, to find guitar tee shirt gifts, all you need is a little bit of patience and a little bit of information. If you are interested in getting guitar courses for your loved ones, check out the guitar lesson gift ideas here. Good luck!

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