3 Easy Guitar Songs For Children to Learn

Songs For KidsTeaching your child guitar is a great way to improve their creativity. In school, children are taught to focus on linear thinking.

The ability to approach problems from the outside, or to think outside of the box, isn’t nurtured. In fact, by the time that your child is in high school, the creativity is all but gone.

Teaching your child guitar is a great way to keep your child’s creativity alive and well.

In this article, we will discuss some easy songs for your child to learn that will help keep a child’s interest in guitar so that you can help them to nurture their creativity.

Any song can be transcribed into a basic melody on the bass strings. Keep this in mind, as all songs we will be discussing will be songs that can be transcribed this way.

The first song on our list is Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple.

This is one of the most famous riffs of all time. It is also one of the most simple riffs. Many guitarists use this as a starting block in the world of guitar playing. It is a great way to start your child off when learning guitar, as it contains a basic melody and is very laid back and relaxed. It can also help you to open your child’s eyes to a different generation of music.

While you don’t want to shove any music on your child, you do want to try and open as many doors is possible to allow them to make their own decisions not entirely based on what the radio is spitting out every hour.

Our second song is Louie, Louie by The Kingsmen.

This song is extremely groovy and will be a lot of fun to play along with your child. To play it together, teach your child the primary melody using the low E string, and then play the progression to match it. While this song is fairly old by today’s standards, many children tend to enjoy it due to the upbeat rhythms. It also sounds a lot like a song that would be featured in the movie Shrek.

The third song on our list is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

A nursery rhyme that most children know, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star may not be the most exciting thing to learn for your child, especially if they are male. If they are interested, it will be a great linear melody for your child to start off with especially if they just started on guitar lessons for kids.

Any song that your child shows interest in is a great song for them to learn. While it is obvious that guitar solos are out of the question for a while, if you have basic musical skills you can, as mentioned above, transcribe any song into a basic melody for your child.

Let them come to you with their interests. It will be a sure way to keep them enjoying the guitar. Remember that you and your child won’t always hold the same interests and tastes. Don’t prejudice yourself against a certain type of music; keep your mind open for your child’s sake.

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