How to Homeschool Your Child In Playing The Guitar

homeschoolingTeaching your child guitar can be a challenge. While we as adults may be content with learning our instrument in a linear, cut and dry format, children will want an exciting, fun-filled adventure.

If they don’t get it, you may find them struggling to maintain interest. This isn’t their fault – kids are kids.

In this article, we will discuss different ways in which to homeschool your child on guitar.

The most important aspect of teaching your child guitar is excitement. While we want them to learn how to work hard in order to see results, we also want to keep their attention. Each lesson should be just as fun as the last. This means that you will need to take some out of the box approaches to your teaching method.

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Make Guitar An Activity.

Don’t sit down and study notes. Even for adults that is slightly boring. For children, it is extremely boring. No matter what you try and tell yourself, you would be bored trying to do it as a child as well. Children have no sense of the future.

They aren’t supposed to. That is your job. Look at the benefits of them learning the instrument and keep them in mind when creating lessons. Don’t use the benefits as lectures; you will get absolutely nowhere.

If you ever want to start getting into the technical aspects of music (which you shouldn’t do too much of when teaching a child) make a game out of it.

Use Bright Colored Charts and Pictures.

If you want your child to learn guitar scales, make it a matching game. Take a piece of colored construction paper. Write a note name on each one, then have your child put the proper scales together. Anything to keep the fun in the lesson without making it seem like too much work. Remember, music for a child should never seem burdensome; it should always be enjoyable.

 Teach Songs.

Too many parents want their children to learn classical pieces and impressive passages on the guitar. Why? The guitar isn’t a competition, and it isn’t for showing off. Don’t teach your child to value music as little more than a contest and a bragging right.

Teach them songs that they enjoy listening to, whether that be The Beatles or modern music. As their teacher and parent, you should know exactly which songs are at their skill level. Work on those types of songs.

Never Push.

Pushing your child to learn guitar will only push them further from it. Never try and force your child to pick up an instrument that they themselves have not shown interest in. It doesn’t matter if you want them to carry on your legacy or share your hobby; pushing is selfish. Don’t be a selfish parent because your child will be the one who suffers.

Remember that you are an adult. That means you shouldn’t be pouting over your child’s disinterest. If their attention is caught, great; if not, let it go. You will see better results if they come to you on their own accord.

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