Tips to Motivate Your Kids And Helping Them Staying Focused

Motivation For KidsChildren aren’t always their own allies. In fact, sometimes they can be their own worst enemies. This is due to a few different things, but most of all, a lack of dedication.

With the television blatantly waving new products with colorful, fun looking commercials in their faces, it is hard for children to keep their minds on one thing for very long.

In this article, we will discuss a few tips to motivate your children on learning guitar.

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Tip One: Make Guitar Fun

Don’t make the guitar a competition or a bore; make it something to enjoy.

While it may seem that we were the greatest children on earth (at least that’s what most people seem to think when looking back to their childhood –as if they didn’t make any mistakes or throw tantrums themselves) we weren’t.

We were just like our children are now. We may not remember it, but it is true. Children don’t change; we do. When we were young, boring things were boring due to a lack of interactivity and excitement. None of us wanted to sit at a desk and scribble notes or read off charts.

We wanted something fast paced, adventurous; free. The guitar should be your child’s outlet, not a force-fed staple of learning. Keep this in mind, as you will get better results if your child is genuinely enjoying the experience of playing.

Tip Two: Play Along

Don’t just sit and stare; interact.

This is your child’s learning. Don’t you think that they would feel more comfortable with you by their side? If you don’t know how to play the guitar yet, you can make it a journey with your child as your partner.

Learning together can be fun; just make sure you keep your frustration down. You don’t want your child to learn to throw the guitar or break things or yell and scream when they mess up. Act like an adult.

If you already know how to play, play the lessons as a duet. Don’t comment on their mistakes; offer to help. Don’t complain or whine. Your child isn’t going to wake up one morning as a guitar genius. It takes years to learn the guitar. Children learn at a much quicker pace than we do, but that doesn’t give you the license to be petty and point out their every flaw.

Tip Three: Watch

You should know your child better than anyone else.

If you child is struggling, study them. See why they are struggling, and instead of pointing it out rudely, offer to help. With children, just like music, you get out what you put in. If you are snappy and quick to jump down your child’s back at the first sign of a mistake, maybe teaching them guitar isn’t such a good idea.

If your child shows signs of losing interest, let them make their own choice. They have to learn that they have control over their likes and dislikes. Don’t take that away from them. Keep an eye on your child, and keep an ear open for signs. With professional guitar lessons for children, a great course will help you motivate your child easily.

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