Two Riffs From Famous Metal Songs You Need to Learn

metal riffsPlaying metal guitar is a challenge. Although there are tons of great songs that are fairly simple, the best songs to learn are those that will help you to develop your technique.

Today we are going to go over some great metal songs that will help you develop palm muting, alternate picking, tremolo picking, and more.

Before you dive head first into these songs, there are a few things about your playing that you should take into consideration. Each song we list will be a moderate skill level song, so if you are a beginner, it may be best for you to take your time before approaching these songs to learn your rhythm.

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Take your time with a metronome to really develop a steady sense of rhythm. Metronomes have fixed tempos, and they don’t make mistakes; this means that if you are running out of your time signature, you are the one in the wrong, not the metronome. Proper rhythmic sense is a key skill, and if you don’t possess it, you may find yourself struggling to learn these songs correctly.

When you do have a proper sense of rhythm, it is important that you approach these riffs as you would any other exercises; slowly. Start off playing them at a slower tempo to allow your muscle memory to develop. This will help you to play them at full speed with less effort.

Laid To Rest By Lamb Of God

The main riff of this song is great for developing your palm muting. The short, accented runs surrounded by the open note palm mutes on the lower string will help you to develop a rudimentary technic with which to approach your palm muting technique.

laid to rest tab

Alison Hell By Annihilator

The chorus riff from this song helps a lot with speed picking, as well as quick and extreme changes in hand positioning, as you have to make a pretty fast leap up to the higher register. This riff also employs palm muting, but it is the speed of the riff that is the biggest factor.

alison hell guitar tab

Erotomania By Dream Theater

This simple chromatic riff will help you to build dexterity and coordination on your fretting hand. It will also give you a feel for different types of time signatures, which will be crucial later on in your playing life.


Once you have mastered these simple metal guitar riffs, you will have the tools to tackle most any guitar riffs. Remember that no matter how confident you are, start off at a reasonable pace. Good luck!

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