3 Guitar Speed Exercises You Can Use to Play Faster

3 Speed ExercisesSpeed – for guitar playing, this can spell both the success and the failure of a composition. If you are practicing for a lead role, ensuring that your fingers can keep up with the beat that your band is showing in very imperative, and by failing, you will also fail the whole composition.

However, if you are determined enough, you can succeed in hastening up your fingers without losing accuracy and power.

To become a successful metal guitarist, you should have good mind and hand coordination. This is the only way that you can follow a very fast rock song.

Moreover, if you are also dreaming of putting the stage ablaze with your own guitar solo, the speed of your fingers should already be innate to you. This article will discuss 3 guitar speed exercises that you should consistently work on.

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1. The Four Finger Drill

As the name suggests, you would need your four fingers in this speed exercise. The idea of this drill to get your fingers familiarized with all the frets available. You can start with the first chord, then place your fingers in a certain note.

Afterwards, try changing the fingers that you use for each fret. By following this drill, you are in effect letting your fingers understand the need to tap certain frets in a very quick instant. After finishing all the combinations, redo it on the next chords. In addition, do this drill as you go down your chords. When your fingers are already used to the feel, begin learning with the next note.


2. Major, Minor and Linear Lead Guitar Drills

For this exercise, you would be able to warm-up your fingers for future lead solos. Play all of the major and minor notes in the chords, and slightly do it in a faster pace.

Lead soloists are perfect major and minor note players, and to perfect your solo, playing these notes should be an elementary skill. The linear part of the drill will then let your fingers experience the frets themselves.

Do a lot of note variety and make every one of them fast enough. This drill will also help you get an imaginary fret board in your mind to check out once in a while, a very good resource when you are onstage.

3. Three Finger Legato Runs 

After perfecting the basic notes, it is now time to increase the speed of your finger as they do notes that are more complicated. This drill will help you be acquainted with three-note legato runs, with pull offs and hammer ons.

Let your fingers understand first how you should place them on the fret board during these notes, and then make the changes faster and faster. With this technique, your concept of guitar playing will come more naturally. You can also combine this drill with the other members of the 3 guitar speed exercises mentioned here.

You should also check out this video to correct common mistakes that guitarists have when trying to gain speed on playing guitar.


The key in achieving speed is constant practice. With the 3 guitar speed exercise enlisted in this article, your speed and accuracy will be improved.

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