How to Assess Damage And Repair Your Acoustic Guitar

acoustic guitar checkThings break. Whether you mistreat them or not, damage happens and then what can you do? Well, actually, there are a number of things you can do. One of them is simply to wash your hands of the problem and start fresh. In this case, it means that you chuck the guitar and buy a new one.

Not always the most attractive solution, but it is inarguably effective.

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One Possibility to Save Costs is Fixing the Guitar Yourself

This sounds very nice and convenient, but in the case of an acoustic, unless you have luthier skills or some form of craftsman skills or even woodworking skills, you’ll soon find yourself swamped out by the amount of damage you have caused past the initial damage point.

So what is the last option? Well, it is half of the second option; if you aren’t a luthier, the best place to go is to a luthier. In this article, we will talk all about how to go about doing an acoustic guitar diagnostic and repair.

So if we had already said it once that fixing an acoustic guitar on your own is a no go zone unless you have the proper skillset, we’ll say it again just for clarification; it is not recommended even in the least that you attempt to fix your own acoustic guitar unless you have the proper knowledge of the instrument and sufficient skill to execute the repair.

If You Can’t Fix It Yourself, How Do You Find Someone Who Can?

The best way to find a skilled luthier in your immediate area is to check online. Most luthiers will have a website that showcases their work and displays the guitar they have both crafted and repaired.

You should also be able to find ratings of the particular luthier, but if not you can always call beforehand and ask what the policy is should the repair be insufficient (i.e. sloppily done, inadequate results, et cetera).

Finding a Reliable Luthier Near You

Luckily, luthiers are few and far between, and you won’t be able to find many in your area. Why is that luck? Because the few that there are genuinely love their craft. (But don’t let this be a selling point—always, always, always do your research beforehand no matter what the circumstance, whether emergency repair or casual maintenance.)

Most luthiers can fix a broad range of acoustic guitar damages, including body cave ins or other such devastating damages. Keep in mind, however, that if your guitar did have devastating damage inflicted upon it, you may not be able to have the original wood salvaged for the repair and you may wind up with different hues of wood. Fortunately, this usually has a pleasant aesthetic affect so you won’t have to worry too much unless you are a sentimentalist.

In the end, if you want to get acoustic guitar repair done properly, the best thing to do is set aside the funds and scope out your local luthier. Chances are you can find a good deal, as most luthiers are willing to work with their clients to attain satisfaction. Good luck!

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