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beginner guitar system overview 1Learning to play guitar can be a bit difficult. There are hundreds of instructional sets on the market, and they all claim to be the best of the best.

Out of the slew of products on the market, there are a few shining stars that give honest results without making outrageous claims.

In this review of Beginner Guitar System, we’ll find out whether or not Nate Savage’s product is one of those stars.

So what does this set include? Six DVD’s, four CD’s, and a workbook.

This is a fairly basic instructional DVD set. But sometimes the basics are what work the best. When you are trying to learn guitar, quality will always beat out quantity, and what the Beginner Guitar System lacks in bulk it makes up for in quality.

Here’s Our Review of Nate Savage’s Beginner Guitar System:

This is an instructional set aimed at beginners. This is the set that wants to walk you through the early stages of your playing and help you get there without a hitch. The DVDs are high quality, not grainy, snowy footage.

This is a nice change in pace from the dozens of amateur videos on the market that look like they were shot with cheap, outdated webcams. The DVDs use onscreen charts, tabs, and chord diagrams to help you to get the most of every minute.

Instructor Nate Savage is a great teacher; he takes key concepts and breaks them down into smaller chunks so that they are easy to digest. Despite the onscreen aids, he isn’t lazy; he walks you through the fingering patterns, note names, frets, and everything else to allow you to understand exactly what is going on.

This is a perfect display of professionalism, as he doesn’t leave everything up to the charts and booklet.

The booklet outlines each and every lick played throughout the DVDs, as well as the different techniques used and the fingering positions. It also contains chord charts and other aids to allow you to start learning to read different media for guitar.

The four CD’s are perhaps the most useful part of the set as a guitarist, as they are jam along CD’s. The tracks are high quality, perfect for playing along and creating your own patterns. The reason that they are so important is that they will allow you to develop your improvisational skills. Improvisational skills are key in guitar. If you ever want to play with friends or join a band, you will need to learn how to think outside of the box. These tracks will help you to develop your ability.


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Conclusion Of Our Review

The overall conclusion of our Beginner Guitar System review is that it is a great product. If you are a beginner, this product will help you to develop your skills and style, allowing you to grow into a better guitarist.

The lessons are structured so that you are growing along with the DVDs. The further you progress in the beginner stages of your playing, the further the lessons progress. If you want to get a jump start on learning the guitar, the Beginner Guitar System is the perfect tool for you.

Take the confusion out of learning to play guitar and be prepared for hours of fun…

Here’s A Quick Recap Inside Nate Savage’s Beginner Guitar System

beginner guitar system overview discs

6 full length instructional DVDs for over 42 hours of practical lessons
• 4 CDs with over playalong jam tracks
Detailed 177 page workbook & access to an online support community
• Easy to follow on-screen chord diagrams, tabs music and key ideas
• Essential guitar theory and techniques explained thoroughly and simply
90 days no-questions asked money back guarantee.

Where from here? We highly recommend Nate Savage’s Beginner Guitar System…

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beginner guitar system overview

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Still unsure? Check out the screenshots from lessons in Beginner Guitar System.


guitar scales nate savage

guitar system multiple angles close up


Real time on-screen guitar tabs and sheet music with close up views of the fingers.


guitar system workbook overview

review of nate savage beginner guitar system


Detailed chord diagrams, exercises and explanations in the 177pg workbook

beginner guitar system sale

Beginner Guitar System Achieves the Best Rating of 5/5 – Reviewed by Robert Ewing

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