Ear Master Software Review – Is It The Best Tool Ever Made?

earmaster reviewToday I am going to talk about an invaluable piece of software that can help you to obtain that perfect ear.

This is a review of the Ear Master software. This software helps you train your ear to learn differences between pitches, intervals, keys and chords.

Now, before we begin, naturally, you may be wondering why in fact you would want to train your ear.

The answer is simple; a properly trained ear is a musician’s most valuable commodity. A trained ear can help you properly construct music and compose pieces, as well as tablature.

Have you ever heard a song that you wanted to play, but you couldn’t quite figure out what chords, scales, or arpeggios are being used? That is because your ear isn’t properly trained. Once you master your ear you will be able to deduce which scales and intervals are being used.

A trained ear also goes a long way to getting you hired. If you want to be a freelance or studio musician, you need to have a trained ear. If you can’t surmise which scales are being used in an audition, you simply will not be hired.

Now that you understand the importance of proper ear training, we can move on to the review of the Ear Master software.

Ear Master, at its heart, is a testing program. Among other things, you can takes tests on rhythm reading, chord identification, interval identification, and interval comparison. You have a helpful tutor, who guides you through the exercises and helps you to learn essentials.

earmaster 5

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With a handy exercise setup menu, you can customize your lessons, as well. You can choose which chords, intervals or note values are used, and also create your own custom chords to be tested on. I myself actually had a lot of fun creating whacky chords and trying to distinguish their properties from others. The software is easy to use, and highly helpful, with a broad help section touching on numerous topics. With the tools available, you can master using Ear Master with a little time and effort.

Here Are Some Screenshot Demos of The Software in Action:


earmaster chord identification

earmaster rhythm reading


earmaster chord progression demo

If you feel you have mastered intervals and the likes, there is a statistics menu to help you review your errors and strengths. This is extremely helpful, as musicians often think they are better in certain areas then they really are. Reviewing your results can give you an honest and unbiased view into your flaws and troubled areas.

For advanced users, you can be tested on up to three full octaves of intervals and chords, spanning countless chord shapes and unnerving intervals. There is an option to set answer limits, string tunings if you use a guitar, and tempos. You can even use your own midi and microphone.

The software is absolutely wonderful, but the most important aspect is that it is user friendly. With a simple interface and built in music theory help, even beginners can learn to master their ears. You don’t need to have a vast knowledge of theory, or any at all to use the program because the software can teach you all of the aspects you need to know.

In conclusion, Ear Master software is a fun and effective way to train your ears. If you want to master the art of musical hearing, this software is for you.

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Ear Master Software Achieves a Decent Rating of 3.5/5 – Reviewed by Robert Ewing

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