Guitar Pro 6 Review

Guitar Pro 6 (GTP6) is the ultimate software a guitarist can ask for. The comprehensive tools for composing, transcribing or simply playing back music make it the most powerful and intuitive program available. From the beginner to the expert player, this interactive program will change the way you learn, play and make music.

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Features in Guitar Pro 6 ( GTP 6 )

Multi-track Tablature Editor

– Editing or creating your own music has never been easier! GTP5 is specially designed for stringed instruments.

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Song View and Audio Playback

– Guitar Pro 6 has the option to display both tab and standard notation. View songs in GTP5 with a quality close to that of commercially published songbooks.

– Guitar Pro 6 allows instant playback of songs with midi or Real Sound Engine (RSE).Realistic sound samples of effects such as distortion, wah-wah that sound like the real deal. Compose and store music the way you want it to sound.

Hearing is believing

This is one of my own compositions played using RSE and MIDI.

Download RSE.mp3 file. Download MIDI.mp3 file.


Click here to download Guitar Pro 6 today…

Comprehensive Tools

– Chord diagram engine that can display ANY CHORD in ANY POSITION in ANY TUNING in ANY INVERSION. (Forget confusing guitar chords books)

– Speed trainer to help you build up your playing speed.

– Scales tool for easy reference to ANY scales.

– Digital/MIDI guitar tuner allows you to plug in your guitar to the computer for convenient tuning.

NEW* in Guitar Pro 6

– Diagram generator. With this chord diagram generator, Guitar Pro 6 will suggest all possible fingerings for you based on your inputted chord. Vice versa, if you decide to input a chord diagram into this tab editing software, Guitar Pro will help you name the chord in all possible ways!

– Virtual fretboard and keyboard. If you are learning a song off guitar pro, having an onscreen virtual fretboard would not only show you REAL-TIME playing but will also help you visualize your own fingerings. An absolutely indispensable tool for anyone!

guitar pro 6 onscreen fretboardguitar pro 6 tuning feature

Custom Views

– Highly customizable toolbars and menus that you can tweak to suit your own preference. GTP5 has the ability to change the overall page setup to what you want.

Various Import/Export Formats

– Import tabs or scores found on the Internet into guitar pro files. Convert .txt files into .gtp5 files and hear them being played out.

– Export .gtp5 files into various formats such as pdf, wav, midi and etc.

(FYI… All midi and wave files in GuitarPlayerWorld lessons are created with Guitar Pro)

And many, many more functions. Try out Guitar Pro 6 and you’ll be hooked !!!

A Must-Have Tool For Every Guitarist…

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Guitar Pro 6 enables you to see and hear exactly how a piece of music is played. Besides a full-fledged library to help you identify chords and fingerings, you can easily learn new songs from tabs! I highly recommend a copy of the software to people who are serious about learning the guitar.

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Guitar Pro Achieves the Best Rating of 5/5 – Reviewed by Robert Ewing

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