Guitar Scales Mastery Review

Guitar Scales Mastery ReviewIf you want to learn to play the guitar, you need to ask yourself what your intentions are.

Are you going to learn to play the guitar just so you can strum it and entertain yourself or your family? Do you want to get good enough at playing guitar to actually join a band and perform? Knowing exactly why you want to play the guitar is important.

No matter whether you want to play just for yourself and your family or hope to sell out a stadium by being part of a band, eventually, you’re going to have to learn scales. Even if you have a very good teacher, or training materials, most of them fall short when it comes to knowing how to properly teach this aspect of playing the guitar.

Part of the fun of playing the guitar is to be able to pick it up and jam out an incredible tune, even if you’re just learning to entertain yourself and your family. If you’re in a band, it becomes a little more serious. You’re going to want to be able to rip off an incredible guitar solo that will leave people wide eyed and open mouthed.

Where can you go to learn and master guitar scales in an easy and unique way? Well, there is a really impressive product that was created by a young man named, Craig Bassett. The product is called Guitar Scale Mastery.

Why Should You Trust Craig?

Craig is 36 years old, and he has been playing an instrument of some kind for 28 years. Most important, he’s been playing guitar for about 18 years. Craig even went to Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance.

While knowing that someone you get guitar instruction from is an accomplished player is important; what’s also important, is they know how to teach too. Craig has had several guitar teaching jobs. He’s taught at high schools, music schools, master classes and private teaching.

Now that you know that Craig is not only an accomplished musician and teacher, you probably want to know exactly what you get when you order Guitar Scale Mastery. You learn how to use all five skills to master guitar scales. They include the eyes, the ears, the fingers, intellect, and applications.

guitar scale mastery Craig Bassett

Guitar Scale Mastery is your step-by-step blueprint to help you achieve that goal. Check it out today and get 3 free bonuses.

Here are the benefits to using this course:

Massive Member Benefit #1: The Guitar Scale Mastery System

In this section of the website you’ll learn the EXACT system that I use to learn and internalize scales. Whenever I want to learn a new scale I follow this system. Once you learn the system you’ll be able to apply it to ANY scale that you want to master.

A few of the overall benefits of learning The Guitar Scale Mastery System include:

You will be able to learn scales on such a deep level that they “become part of you.”

You will be able to use scales without thinking.

You will be able to improvise with scales no matter where you are on the fretboard.

You’ll feel much more confident as an improvising guitarist.

There are a few more too which are listed on his site.

Scale Weapon 1: Single String Scales…

If someone held a gun to your head and said that you could only choose ONE method of learning scales, then this should be it! This is by far the most powerful way to learn scales. It’s also a really neglected method.

Scale Weapon 2: Two String Scales…

This approach to learning scales is awesome. It combines some of the benefits of single string scales with some of the benefits of the more conventional scale patterns. Any scale learning method that doesn’t cover this approach is robbing you of some valuable learning and progress!

Scale Weapon 3: Three-Note-Per-String Scales…

This is an approach used by many guitarists. It is one of the best approaches for anyone interested in speed and fluidity. It allows you to learn almost any scale over the entire fretboard. It’s also an approach that can be used for all styles of music. I’ve personally used it for styles ranging from speed metal to traditional jazz

Scale Weapon 4: Ear Training…

Many guitarists sound like they are just running up-and-down scales when they improvise. Their solos can sound boring, rigid and unmusical. They just don’t make music when they solo.

So what’s the solution? Easy…Ear Training!!! It is the master key that unlocks musicality. Seriously. When you do Ear Training everything about your improvising improves. Why is that? Music is sound. Music is a hearing art! Doesn’t it make sense that as your ability to hear improves, everything improves with it?

Scale Weapon 5: Applications…

This is the fifth component of The Guitar Scale Mastery System. This section ensures that you actually gain experience using the scales that you learn. This is vital! What’s the point of learning scales if you don’t use them in a musical setting?

Guitar Scales Mastery is one of the best courses to help you improvise and play solos like a pro. Click here to check out more details of the course…

Massive Member Benefit #1: Guitar Scale Activators…

Guitar Scale Activators are special backing tracks. They are designed to bring to life (activate) the sound of any scale that you are practicing.

Massive Member Benefit #2: Bonus Updates…

The biggest advantage of a membership site over books, DVDs and home study courses is flexibility. New content and lessons can be added relatively easily… As a member, you’ll gain access to all of the future Bonus Updates that are created during your membership period. All at no extra cost to you.

Craig isn’t done with this offer yet. He also throws in a nice bonus when you order Guitar Scale Mastery. The bonus is an ebook called: Pentatonic Guitar Success:

This 246 page e-book took me six months to write! It is designed for the ambitious guitarist who is serious about developing an awesome pentatonic scale technique. In my opinion, it is worth more than the actual cost of membership to Guitar Scale Mastery.

There is much more detail about each section at Craig’s website. There are also a number of impressive testimonials from happy customers. This product is for people who want to take their understanding and mastery of scales to a professional level quickly and easily.

How much would it be worth to you, to be able to easily master guitar scales, a skill that only about 5% of guitar players in the world truly master?

To be in the top 5% of guitar players will only cost you $67 for three years access to the membership. This is a great value. If you’re serious about learning to play the guitar, it is highly suggested you supplement your scale training with this awesome course.

Get 2 FREE Bonus Ebooks on Pentatonic Scales & Scale Degrees!

Guitar Scales Mastery Review

Guitar Scales Mastery

 *This special offer is available for a limited time only. Sign up now before the prices are raised. *

Guitar Scales Mastery Achieves an Excellent Rating of 4.5/5 – Reviewed by Robert Ewing

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  1. Robert Ewing-Reply
    February 25, 2015 at 6:24 am

    Review of Guitar Scales Mastery – A User’s Insight

    Scales take a lot of practice and hard work to learn. Without proper knowledge, how can you learn all of your scales, learn to apply them, and create your own unique melodies, solos, and riffs?

    Here, we’ll help you decide if Guitar Scales Mastery can help you do that in our Guitar Scales Mastery review.

    First off, Guitar Scales Mastery isn’t a disc set like most programs; it is a website. Craig Bassett is the creator of the site, and unlike most membership programs, the membership you purchase gives you three year access to the site.

    This site is broken up into six main areas; Introduction/basic lessons, practice techniques, the Guitar Scales Mastery System, audio backing tracks, guitar scale activators (backing tracks made to highlight certain scales), and bonus eBooks and bonus updates.

    The most important of these areas is, obviously, the Guitar Scales Mastery System. So what does this system consist of that makes Craig so sure you will learn to master your guitar scales?

    First he starts off with single strings scales. These are the most basic of scales, as the patterns are fairly simple and, of course, limit themselves to a single string. This is a great place for guitarists new to the concept of scales to begin, as it is the basic fundamental of all scales.

    Next is the two string scale. Two string scales are the second most basic forms of scales. Covering a second string means that they are given more range and, more importantly, they are much more manageable to play at any speed. This is because the scale shapes are closer together due to note groupings.

    Part three of the Guitar Scales Mastery System is the three note per string scales. For guitarists just past the beginner stage, these are the scales you will use most often. In fact, these are the types of scales most often taught in guitar books, guitar lessons, and musical theory because they are the most used scales in guitar.

    The fourth section covers ear training. This is a nice touch from Craig Bassett, as many guitar programs often overlook ear training in favor for teaching impressive techniques. Without proper ear training, a guitarist will never be able to decipher techniques and scales, only learn them be sight.

    Finally, Craig teaches application. Application of scales within the context of a piece is extremely important, as many guitarists often mix and match scales, then have a hard time figuring out why their music sounds so odd. The application section of Guitar Scales Mastery is extremely important for all musicians.

    Now, unfortunately, we must enter the negative portion of our Guitar Scales Mastery review. The biggest downside is that, although scales aren’t learned overnight, it doesn’t take three years to learn the five fundamentals of which Craig’s system consists even for a struggling guitarist.

    The other downside is that Craig’s playing is a bit off the mark sometimes. While you don’t need to be a virtuoso to teach guitar (Craig’s a decent guitarist), students do tend to imitate their instructors. While this course is not meant for total beginners, most intermediate/advanced guitar players who are interested in this course would find the course very useful.

    Overall, the Guitar Scales Mastery system is a great tool if you want to learn scales.

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