Guitar Success System Review – Scam Alert

review of guitar success systemThe best system for learning how to play guitar. Bar none. That’s a pretty big claim by any instructional guitar system, never mind an independent player.

Not only does it mean you need to have the best lessons, but it also means that you need to have the best quality and the best material available on the market.

In our Guitar Success System Review, we’ll talk about whether or not Eric Sloan comes through on his promise, or if he falls dangerously short.

Guitar Success System is a waste of your money and you should avoid the course. We recommend that you check out Jamorama instead…

Overhyped Sales Pitch That Fails to Deliver

First off, if you want to make a decision based on the website alone, you will wind up getting sucked in. Why? The entire website is one huge ad full of boldfaced type, highlighting, claims, “deals”, repetitive sales pitches – basically anything and everything to get you to buy without actually knowing what you are in for. Apparently, Mr. Sloan has never heard of subtlety and how great it works when a product is “the best.”

You may notice that it is extremely difficult to even find out what exactly you are ordering. The site is so full of sales pitches and catchy phrases to get you to buy that it doesn’t take the time to describe anything other than over exaggerated claims of what you may or may not be getting.

This is already two strikes, and we haven’t even gotten to the product itself. Keep this in mind; the website will tell you straight off the bat what you are in for. This site comes off as needy and practically screams and begs at you to buy the product. Real products don’t need to resort to these measures – they rely on their course.

What Kind of Lessons Do You Expect?

The lessons range from beginner to advanced, but the advanced lessons aren’t really advanced. They are more experienced-moderate than advanced. While the foundations are covered, there is nothing that really stands out (aside from the loud site).

Where the product really lets down is that Sloan tries to force feed you more drivel as promotion. He claims that providing you, the customer, with updates is a forty-dollar value that he is generously offering.

No other product charges for updates, not even the companies that go belly up. Then on top of this, he claims that you are saving three hundred dollars by putting slash marks through $397, $197, and $97, and then setting the price at forty-seven dollars. Another bad business tactic, as Sloan himself dictates the price. This means that you aren’t saving anything. It is yet another gimmick.

Poor Quality Recordings And Videos

The videos don’t only look like they are shot with a webcam, they are shot with a webcam. You can find better quality videos on YouTube for free. On top of this, Sloan isn’t a very good lead player. In fact, his jam tracks are hard to listen to; they sound like amateur five dollar recordings.

So what is the conclusion of our Guitar Success System review? Unless you have absolutely no qualms with throwing money down the gutter, it should be a pass. The fake reviews are just enough to push the product into the shady business category.

We Recommend Jamorama Instead…

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If you are looking for an affordable online guitar course, check out Jamorama instead. Jamorama is a highly recommended course that gives you quality for your money’s worth. If you want to find out what we think about this course, check out our review of Jamorama.

Guitar Success System Achieves a Bad Rating of 1.5/5 – Reviewed by Robert Ewing

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