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Guitar Super Stars ReviewGuitarists all have to learn somewhere, and one of the most common learning methods of this generation is the use of online guitar programs and software. Some sites offer lessons with a single instructor, others with multiple instructors.

No matter how many instructors a site offers, nothing can compensate for well written lessons.

In the Guitar Super Stars review, we’ll talk about whether or not Guitar Super Stars is trying to compensate instructors for quality, or whether they really do offer some amazing lessons and opportunities for guitarists.

“Play insane guitar overnight.” Any site proclaiming that you can learn to do anything overnight besides turn on a faucet or button a coat is lying. Guitar Super Stars site opens with this message; it is a well-known gimmick and business tactic.

Think about it, are they actually promising anything specific? No. What qualifies as “insane guitar” is left up to the reader’s imagination, and this is what they want. However, gimmicks don’t automatically qualify a website as useless, because most businesses use them.

Guitar Super Stars is a waste of your money. We recommend that you check out Jamorama instead…

So What Does Guitar Super Stars Offer That Closes The Deal?

It offers “hundreds of online lessons with superstars.” The self-proclaimed superstars are simply ordinary guitar teachers who seem to think that playing guitar qualifies them as gods. They also claim that you already know them and admire them. While this isn’t necessarily a bad business tactic, it does set the bar high. And Guitar Super Stars falls a bit short, and not just due to the fact that their instructors are actually virtually unheard of.

The video lessons provided are choppy and low quality, and while the lessons aren’t poorly constructed, it is hard to discern fingerings with the low resolution videos.

The instructors do a decent job of explaining what they are playing, but they don’t get too in depth with the lessons, which means you may find yourself struggling to understand certain things.

The also make a claim that you will learn to play a twenty one note pattern covering over half the neck in a single second. I looked through all of their lessons, and could not find a single one covering proper speed mechanics, or the highlighted guitar neck lick that they have plastered on the website.

Now, if you do a quick search online for “Guitar Super Stars Review” on Google, you will multiple fake websites whose sole purpose is to further promote this product for a quick comission. This is an extremely shady business tactic that many unethical Internet marketers use (most of which do not play guitar themselves), and tends to lead to questions of a scam.

Overall, the Guitar Super Stars program falls short of its mark to promising the stars but only providing the dirt. While the system does include basic beginner lessons up to intermediate level lessons, it does not provide the promised material. The prerecorded jam tracks are a nice touch, but they don’t make up for the lack of solid material.

While usually we would recommend you to invest in a program at your own discretion, even if it only provides half of its promises, our Guitar Super Stars review is a bit different. There are no credited sites vouching for this program other than the ones the unethical internet marketers have made under names such as guitarsuperstarsreview( dot) org, and variations of the same name, so it is best you steer clear.

We Recommend Jamorama Instead…

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If you are looking for an affordable online guitar course, check out Jamorama instead. Jamorama is a highly recommended course that gives you quality for your money’s worth. If you want to find out what we think about this course, check out our review of Jamorama.

Guitar Super Stars Achieves a Bad Rating of 1/5 – Reviewed by Robert Ewing

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