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learn and master guitar setup and maintenance reviewLearning to do a proper setup on your instrument isn’t easy. Setting up a guitar involves multiple steps, including a range of adjustments and measurements.

While there are DVDs on the market for learning to play guitar, there are very few that are aimed at learning to setup your guitar. One of those few DVD sets is the Learn and Master Guitar Setup and Maintenance set.

In our Learn and Master Guitar Setup and Maintenance review, we’ll discuss if this set has what it takes to teach you a proper setup without breaking the bank.

So what is included in this set? Three DVDs. It is a fairly basic set, but basic isn’t always bad. In fact, it is far better than sets full of filler and freebies.

Our Physical Review Of Learn And Master Guitar Setup And Maintenance:

The three DVD’s cover the various steps required to setup your guitar, starting with intonation and bridge adjustments, and working all the way into neck adjustments and full maintenance. The instructor is Greg Voros. Voros is a great teacher.

He takes the time to walk through each procedure step by step. It isn’t just a “hey look what I’m doing and copy if you can” method of teaching. He makes sure that you understand exactly what is being done and how it will affect your instrument.

Voros explains each adjustment as he is going along and gives tons of useful tips from his decade of experience. The setups range from work on a Gibson Les Paul to a Fender Stratocaster. He even does work on an arch-top acoustic guitar.

No matter what kind of guitar you use, the set covers it in detail. This is a great change, as not all guitarists use Gibson guitars (and this is a Gibson product).

The intonation section is perhaps one of the most useful sections, as intonation is the leading cause for guitarists to get a setup done. Many guitarists have trouble trying to understand how to intonate, and sometimes a written lesson isn’t enough. Learning to intonate your own instrument can save you hundreds of dollars every year.

Voros also goes over some basics, such as restringing. While this may seem a bit simple (and it is) many guitarists actually tend to restring the wrong way. They tend to use an excess of string around the post which can cause slippage and other tuning problems. The set also covers a variety of maintenance procedures including cleaning, which is yet another often-overlooked aspect of guitar care.

With Learn and Master Guitar Setup and Maintenance, you get a full sixty day money back guarantee. While this should never be the cause of you buying a product, it is a bit of insurance.

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So What Is The Downside To Our Learn And Master Guitar Review?

So what is the final conclusion of our Learn and Master Guitar Setup and Maintenance review? It is a great product that will teach you how to set up and maintain your guitar for years to come. It also costs about half the price of a basic setup, which is yet another plus.

If you want to learn to take care of your guitar on your own, this is the set for you.

Here’s a Sample Lesson on From Greg Voros’s DVD Course


Where from here? We highly recommend Learn & Master Guitar Setup & Maintenance.

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Learn & Master Guitar Maintenance Achieves a Good Rating of 4.5/5 – Reviewed by Robert Ewing

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