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Lead guitar lessons 3While there is nothing fast or easy about guitar, Jerry Wyatt promises that you can learn guitar in a reasonable amount of time using his lessons. He also offers a full money back guarantee and a full free course to show you the ropes of what this program is all about.

But just because he offers a free course and a money back guarantee, doesn’t mean you want to waste your time does it?

In our Learn Guitar Fast and Easy review, we will help you to decide whether or not this program is indeed a waste of time, or if it is one of those few programs that will do your playing some good.

Unlike many online programs, Learn Guitar Fast and Easy is in fact a pay by the lesson system. While you can’t buy a single lesson at a time, you can buy two dozen, and unlike other online programs, you are paying for the lessons themselves, not for a bunch of promotional material or booklets and cd’s.

Learn Guitar Fast And Easy does not offer you good value for your money. We recommend that you check out Jamplay instead…

What You See Is What You Get.

The trial lessons offered, referred to as ‘The Bridge’ are in fact a taste of what you get. Jerry Wyatt is a phenomenal teacher, and his ability to explain even the most minor details in full is nothing short of amazing. Not to mention helpful. Wyatt breaks down each lesson section by section, running through each concept carefully to allow the viewer to keep pace.

Something important is the fact that Wyatt starts with beginner concepts. Many systems give promise of teaching you blistering solos and absurd techniques, while Wyatt is content it taking it slowly. This shows an understanding in Wyatt, that he knows the basics of foundational elements, gimmicky name aside.

Wyatt teaches chords and scales, among other concepts such as improvisation, and gets to the core of each and every concept. For once, there are no fluffed out deceptions. This is a nice change in pace from many of the other video lessons available online. It also goes further to show that Wyatt is a professional.

Although it should not be a deal breaker, as we mentioned before, Wyatt does offer a full refund if you are unsatisfied with the lessons and level of instruction. The lessons are a bit pricey for the amount contained, but the lessons are full of depth and cover many important concepts. It is up to you to decide if quality takes precedence over quantity.

All in all, if you can get past the gimmicky name, Learn Guitar Fast and Easy has a lot to offer beginner and intermediate musicians. Though you may find many similar lessons online using sites such as YouTube, the difference is how the lessons and understanding is communicated through Wyatt’s lessons. Wyatt’s lessons make it EASY to connect you with your guitar and improvise fluidly.

On top of that, with Youtube lessons, you don’t get as much of a sense of community or personalization, and you also won’t get the same level of attentive detail that Wyatt uses. If you don’t mind paying a little extra, Learn Guitar Fast and Easy is a great program that can give you a unique aspect of looking at lead guitar playing.

If you are looking for lessons with better value and cover a wider range of genres, I recommend Guitar Tricks instead.

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Learn Guitar Fast And Easy a Bad Rating of 2/5 – Reviewed by Robert Ewing

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