Learn Heavy Metal Guitar Review – Tearing It Up by Phil Wheatley

Learn Heavy Metal Guitar Dvd250Wanna start a heavy metal band or shred fast guitar riffs on your own? Well, learning to play metal or heavy metal on the electric guitar is not rocket-science. In fact, it can be easy and fun.

Whether you like to perform for your friends, play for yourself, or aspire to be a well-known musician who travels the world to play in front of audiences, you can get the knowledge that you need from a good metal guitar course.

I am writing this to encourage you, there are some great resources out there that were not available to me when I began learning the guitar, and you can be playing heavy metal guitar quickly by taking advantage of them.

Learn Heavy Metal Guitar Review – Tearing It Up

Phil Wheatley is your guitar instructor in Tearing It Up. This course teaches you specifically how to play heavy metal guitar. For guitarists who are looking for a more all-rounded guitar education, I would advise you to get the Learn And Master Guitar course.

BUT with that being said, if you are into learning heavy metal guitar and playing fast guitar solos, the Learn Heavy Metal Guitar Course will get you at speed in no time. In Learn Heavy Metal Guitar, Phil Wheatley teaches you exactly what you will need to start playing heavy metal guitar. There are no frills or any fluff. You will be learning exactly what you need to do in order to be playing metal guitar within minutes.

There are over 30 minutes of video lessons in 13 Tutorials. Phil Wheatley demonstrates the main parts of the course in these video lessons to make sure you pick this stuff up as quickly as possible. It’s like looking over Phil’s shoulder as he shows you how to play the chords and techniques from the E-book.

Here’s a list of all the essential heavy metal guitar techniques that Phil’s gonna show you in one hit:

  • Alternate Picking
  • How to Play Harmonics (Natural And Artificial)
  • Hammer-ons
  • Pull-offs
  • Finger-tapping on Guitar
  • String Bending
  • Pentatonic Scales
  • and More…

Check Out This Sample Video on Alternate Picking Techniques

In short, Phil Wheatley’s heavy metal guitar course is suitable for beginner metal guitar players. At the price that the entire course ( E-Book + Video Guitar Lessons + Supplement Materials…) is going for, this is truly value for money.

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Learn Heavy Metal Guitar Achieves a Good Rating of 4/5 – Reviewed by Robert Ewing

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