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review of songwriting scienceIs there truly a science to songwriting? Can anyone learn to write a great song? What does it take to write a song? Can you become a successful musician just by writing good songs?

All of these are questions that you should ask yourself before dropping any cash on any product.

David Jasmine promises that you can skip music school and start making money as well as live the life of a rock star.

So does he come through on these promises? In this David Jasmine’s Songwriting Science review, we’ll find out.

First off, whenever a product makes a promise, you need to be careful. While it doesn’t necessarily mean that the product will be bad, you have to take into consideration that promises made for products are promotional. They aren’t meant to be fully accurate; they are meant to take potential customer’s imaginations on a ride.

Most of the time the promises are left open to interpretation.

Take for instance the life of a rock star. In modern music, what does that mean? Does it mean the starving artist rock star who lives from gig to gig, or the tour bus full of women(which doesn’t happen anymore, sorry to burst your bubble), or even the moderately successful stadium player who makes sixty thousand dollars a year playing shows?

All of this is left to your mind’s eye to interpret.

Review of Songwriting Science – Inside The Lessons

Now that we have an understanding, we can move on to the actual product. David Jasmine’s Songwriting Science isn’t actually a science. Those who believe that music is a science are usually the ones sitting in their bedrooms practicing scales for hours a day trying to get as fast as possible. They are usually men.

More often than not, they make very little money as no one cares how fast you can play. Music is all about feeling and creativity. It is a center for our emotions. And surprisingly, despite the title, David Jasmine talks all about it in that manner.

Jasmine gets into putting yourself into a song. He also talks about not forcing your writing, which is a great tip. Forced writing is the worst kind of writing. He gets into song structures, and how if a chord doesn’t work or you don’t like it, to scrap it. This is yet another great piece of advice. It teaches musicians that they don’t have to become attached to each and every little progression they write. Sometimes it just won’t work. Another great lesson.

Jasmine tends to focus a lot on concepts and emotions and how they can tie into your music. He also gets into character and focus. These are things that no other DVD focuses on. He leaves everything open so that you can take the ideas and mold them into your own writing.

In fact, he does a better job at discussing the aspects of songwriting while leaving you enough freedom to work than any other “instructor” this reviewer has ever seen.

So what is the conclusion of our David Jasmine’s Songwriting Science review? While it isn’t a science and it won’t necessarily make you a rock star, it is full of great tips that will help you to become a better and more effective songwriter . If those are your goals, this is definitely for you.

We highly recommend this product as a great resource on songwriting.

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Songwriting Science Achieves a Good Rating of 4/5 – Reviewed by Robert Ewing

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