Superior Songwriting Review And Things You Should Know

Superior SongwritingIf you want to write music for a living, chances are you’ll need some tips and advice on how it’s done.

Today, we’ll let you know in our Superior Songwriting review if it is the right product to help you do this.

Believe it or not, market research is the most important aspect of good songwriting. You can be the greatest songwriter on the face of the earth, but if you don’t understand your market outside of a group of your ten closest friends, you won’t find much, if any success at all.

First off, it is quite clear that Superior Songwriting writer Stuart Sinclair has done his market research. While many may argue the fact, basic songwriting skills can be taught. Stuart Sinclair claims that his book is the only book you will ever need to learn to be a songwriter.

While we can’t validate those claims (there are many products on the market, and the yearly Songwriter’s Guide is one of the best among them) we can say that Sinclair knows his stuff.

The Superior Songwriting book gives you an in depth view into the world of songwriting. It can also help you to understand that creating a song doesn’t have to be spontaneous. While that fact is arguable (creative writers can be given a subject, but the act in and of itself of creating a piece is utterly spontaneous, hence the creativity side of it) it can be helpful. If you are a person who likes your entire day planned out block by block, this book will be great for you.

Therein lies the problem of the book; creativity isn’t something that can be forced. While Sinclair does know his market, and obviously understands the skill involved with writing music, what he doesn’t seem to understand is that creativity, as mentioned earlier, is a spontaneous act. Simply put, Sinclair tries to teach a round peg to fit in a square hole.

Creative people have often been referred to as ‘square pegs’ and teachers have always been said to ‘force square pegs into round holes.’ What Sinclair attempts to do is teach someone such as the average round peg teacher, to fit into the slot of a creative, square pegged person.

While it is a great idea, it might not work for everybody. You can teach the fundamentals, but claiming that you will learn to be better than others at something that you aren’t naturally meant to do is a bit extreme. This is the practical purpose of the book; to try and give creativity boundaries so that round pegs can learn to comprehend it.

While the book does provide some great market information, the concept of the entire book isn’t something that will benefit most guitarists.


Most guitarists are square pegs, and thus they fit into the square hole that is created just fine.

This book is basically an elementary school lecture with binding, meaning it will simply tell you that what every famous musician has ever done has a science, when in fact it does not. Market research is great, and if you are willing to buy the program based on the small portion included, then it will be a great tool.

Likewise, if you aren’t a creative person, this tool will be perfect for you. If you are in fact a square peg, it is best you avoid this book, as it will undoubtedly hinder the unrestricted flow that is creativity.

We Recommend Songwriting Science Instead…

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For a more wholistic education on songwriting, you might want to check out David Jasmine’s Songwriting Science. You can read our review of Songwriting Science here…

Superior Songwriting Achieves a Good Rating of 4/5 – Reviewed by Robert Ewing

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