In this lesson, you will learn how to play the classic rock song “Aqualung” by Jethro Tull. If you are a fan of oldies, this great classic tune is the best way to bring back awesome memories of the past. In essence, there are two main parts to this song with the emphasis being placed on the slow and fast changes within the song.

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Summary of Important Points to Note in Aqualung

1 – Learning to play a cover song can be a really fun thing to do. However, what I don’t advise students to do is learn a song blindly. For example, when you are learning the solo for Aqualung, instead of blindly learning the solo note for note, what you should do is understand the theory behind what you are playing.

In this example, the G minor pentatonic is being utilized to play the solo. To take things a level higher, you probably want to understand the minor pentatonic scales on a deeper level so that you can improvise or play the song in your own style.

2 – In the acoustic portion of the guitar rhythm, the string raking technique is used. You need to be aware that this raking shouldn’t be performed anywhere or anyhow on the fretboard. The incorrect placement of your fingers actually causes noise (as well as harmonics) to be formed. Don’t believe me? Try raking the strings at different positions throughout the guitar. You’ll get different sounds and pitch.

3 – Break up your learning into chunks for faster progress. Research has shown that it is easier for the human brain to understand and process information when it is given in smaller portions. For a long solo, tackling it by parts will actually help you learn faster! After you had mastered the individual parts, all you need to do is to piece the different portions together to form a completed guitar solo.

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