How to Play Bring Back the Bomb by GWAR

In this lesson, you will learn a song by GWAR; “Bring Back the Bomb” directly from their guitarist, Flattus Maximus. Now, it isn’t often that you can learn a song directly from the original artist himself and it truly is an honor to have him as a guest instructor.

Here’s my word of advice to any would-be metal heads: Unless you are an advanced player who already mastered techniques such as alternate picking, speed playing and picking at fast speeds, I recommend that you head to the relevant sections to build up your knowledge prior to attempting this lesson.

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Important Things to Note in Bring Back the Bomb

1 – The tuning used for this song is: D#. You want to ensure that your guitar is tuned to the correct notes before continuing the lesson. FYI, once you have more experience in playing metal styles, you will realize that most heavy metal songs are played in alternate tunings. Why? The reason why many metal guitarists do this is mainly for the tone and for easier fingerings which is essential for speed.

2 – Pay special attention to the note emphasis during palm muting. Usually, the first note of each bar is played with more force in order to add dynamics to the music. Without these subtle dynamics, the tonality and feel of the song would be totally different.

3 – Practice with a metronome. Notice how the tutorial constantly emphasizes on playing SLOW? If you can’t play the riffs and licks in proper time while the tempo is slow, chances are, what you play at regular speed will sound mashed up and messy.

4 – Admittedly, this is not the easiest song to learn. There are tons of advanced techniques that had been incorporated into this song. On top of that, you need a certain level of alternate picking and right-hand synchronization skills in order to pull this song off. If you find that the difficulty level is too high, come back at a later time once you feel more confident.

Have fun!

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