Learn How to Play Travis’s Cannonball Rag

In this tutorial, you will learn a ragtime classic song, “Cannonball Rag”. With many different playing styles and methods, this song can quickly help you develop essential techniques while you are learning to play the song.

Mitch Reed from Jamplay will show you how to play his rendition of the song. Check it out below…

Out of the other websites that we reviewed, Jamplay is by far the best in terms of providing high quality video lessons. Best of all, they even have step-by-step instructions to teach you your favorite songs.


Pointers to Take Note of When Learning Cannonball Rag

1 – Use of thumbpicks. For most guitar players, you probably never heard of such an accessory and it’s OK if you had never used a thumbpick before. Now, fingerpicking is not an easy technique to master especially for players who are used to playing with a pick all their lives. The initial shift to start using thumb motions might require some time to get used to.

2 – Use of broken chords. Broken chords are often utilized in popular tunes as a means to simplify playing. In Cannonball Rag, there is a heavy emphasis on arpeggios instead of chord strumming which will really help you build up finger memory and independence on your picking hand.

3 – The position of your right hand is a crucial factor in fingerpicking styles especially if you are playing at a fast speed. You might want to experiment with several ways of positioning your right hand and adopt the one you are most comfortable with.

Personally, I like to rest the palm of my right hand on the guitar’s body for “anchorage” purposes. By doing this, I also improve the accuracy of my fingerpicking since this “anchoring” gives me an idea of where my fingers are.

Intuitive Lessons For Guitar Players of All Levels

video lessons online for guitarists
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Jamplay also showcases a growing archive of video lessons that is updated regularly. What’s more, they also offer detailed tutorials for members to learn well known songs with the help of precise, dynamic tabs and song visualizations.

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