In this tutorial, we will show you how to play “Demons” from Darkest Hour’s album Deliver Us. This hardcore song consists of head banging riffs and crazy rhythms that will make you go “WOW”.

Here’s a head’s up for you. There are some parts that require you to perform difficult hand stretches and runs that will tire out your hand in this song.

Make sure you do adequate warm ups in order to perform better and avoid injuries. Once you are ready, get set for a night of hard rocking music with this lesson!

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Tricks to Playing Darkest Hour’s Demon

1 – Alternate picking is one of the main techniques used throughout the song. To go fast, you need to hold you pick in a manner that shows only a tiny bit when attacking the strings. On top of that, you might want to anchor your picking hand on the guitar body to get more traction when playing.

2 – The main solo portion is probably the hardest part of the song to play. You would need to have a good mastery of sweep picking in order to pull this off. For people who are facing some difficulties on this, you probably want to check out the left hand and right hand synchronization exercises here in order to get good coordination of your picking and fretting hand.

3 – Maintain a precise timing of your playing by practicing with a metronome. Believe it or not, playing slow is actually as difficult as playing fast. However, once you can perfect a riff at a slower tempo, it makes things easier when you fasten up the tempo of the song.

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