Partial Capo For Total Guitar Beginners to Sound Great

Partial CapoThere are many things that are used for the guitar which, when used for the first time, can seem fairly confusing or even frightening to attempt to use.

After all, your guitar is an investment, and like any investment you want it to last as long as possible without having to get any repairs done to it if possible.

In this article, we will talk about the proper use of a partial cap for absolute guitar beginners.

If you are looking into buying a capo, the best way to choose the one that is right for you is by doing a little research. There are tons of capos made out of tons of different materials, and it can be confusing trying to decide which kind to buy.

Get These Help When Buying A Capo

Always look at reviews and ratings when considering a purchase, as it will help you to understand if previous owners have had any technical issues or even aesthetic issues with the particular brand of product that you are looking at.

While blanket statements aren’t always true, you do want to steer clear of and avoid to the best of your ability any product that receives consistently poor reviews. This will save both your wallet and your time. It may even save your guitar from damage, too.

Using a capo, as scary as it may seem to clamp a piece of metal onto your guitar, is actually fairly easy so long as you are careful. Capos are usually padded so that scratching of the fret board cannot and will not occur. If you are looking into buying a capo, it is in your best interest to buy one with padding on the clamps so that you do not damage the fret board or the neck of your guitar.

When you place the capo on the neck, you want to make sure that it is closest to the fret wiring on the right side of the fret on which you will be using the capo on. For instance, if you are using the capo on the fifth fret, the capo should be closest to the fret wiring on the sixth fret side of the fifth fret, not the fourth fret side.

Never Put Your Capo On Your Fret Wiring

This is because it can cause damage, and with enough pressure can move the fret wiring, causing it to stick out and making for a fairly expensive and completely necessary trip to a guitar luthier. Pay attention and take great care when placing your capo so that you don’t wind up with any nasty fret wiring surprises.

In the end, using a capo is fairly simple, and it is fairly hard to damage your guitar with the capo if you are using a bit of common sense. Take your time when setting your capo, and don’t squeeze down on the clamp. Stay off the fret wire, and keep the capo to the right of the fret. DO these things and you won’t have any issues with your capo.

Wait… What About The Partial Capo You Mentioned in the Article Title?

Never heard of a partial capo? I am sure most guitarists (even those who had been playing for some time) wouldn’t know what a partial capo is. Yet, the use of a partial capo can completely change the way you strum or play the guitar.

In this video lesson, Randall introduces the partial capo (using a short-cut capo by Kyser) and shows you how the technique can make the life of a beginner guitar player easier. Do experiment with this new style of guitar playing as it can open your guitar playing knowledge while you build up your finger muscles.


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