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Interested in learning bluegrass guitar? If you are, here's the place to get you started on this wonderful genre of guitar playing.

Bluegrass music is a genre that branched off from country and western music that is heavy on instruments and does not place that much emphasis on the vocalist as opposed to other styles of music.

In bluegrass music, typical instruments include the acoustic guitar, banjo, fiddle and bass. As with jazz music, the vocalist is seen as just another instrument in the band.

One unique characteristic of bluegrass music is that everybody in the band is expected to play a solo and everybody takes turn to solo at some point in time. Now, you might be wondering why we would place a section of the website dedicated to bluegrass guitar lessons although this is not a mainstream genre of music that most people play.

The reason is simple. We recommend bluegrass guitar lessons to all guitar players because it enables you to widen your sound, musical style and knowledge of music in general.

In short, learning to play bluegrass music allows you to recognize the different chords used in a song and expands your guitar improvisational skills. Being able to play bluegrass would also help you gain a mastery of other musical styles such as jazz guitar.

On top of that, bluegrass guitar employs some of the most challenging guitar picking techniques that would develop your right hand speed. This in turns helps you out in other genres of music such as rock and metal.

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Learn How to Play Bluegrass Guitar:

  1. Bluegrass Guitar Lessons on Videos
    Apart from in-depth bluegrass guitar lessons videos, Jamplay has a wide repertoire of guitar lessons from many genres.
  2. Basic Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar Lesson
    The rhythm guitarist is in charge of setting the basis for an entire song. In bluegrass, that is one of the most important things. Without the rhythm, bluegrass can be hard for certain listeners to follow.
  3. Introduction to Bluegrass Guitar Picking
    Bluegrass is one of the most demanding music styles for guitarists. Not only is it fast, but it involves a ton of coordination and accuracy. In this article, we will discuss the basics of bluegrass picking in order to get you off on the right foot.
  4. 3 Songs To Help You Learn Speedy Bluegrass Guitar Licks
    Learning guitar is easier when you learn licks. Guitar licks can help you to isolate troubled areas and work on them to make them strengths.
  5. Essential Bluegrass Guitar Scales You Need to Master at Your Fingertips
    Starting out any music style isn’t easy. Not only do you have to learn new techniques, but you have to take the time to familiarize yourself with the genre itself; the sounds, the fallbacks—everything.
  6. Slide Guitar Basics And How to Do It Right
    Whether you want to play bluegrass, country, the blues, or even just experiment with a new way of playing, slide guitar is a fun way to expand your musical horizons.
  7. Popular Forms of Bluegrass Turnarounds
    Progressions end. In some cases, that is a great thing; it allows you to move on into a new passage. However, sometimes you may want to get back to that original progression, whether to expand upon or just to reintroduce familiar territory later on in a song.
  8. Crosspicking Combinations For Bluegrass Guitar
    Picking is the most substantial part of your playing. Don’t believe us? Try playing an entire song without picking, or simply by strumming every single string.
  9. Adding Dynamics to Your Guitar Playing
    If you are already aware of playing the guitar, it is high time now to introduce dynamics to your skills. Adding dynamics to your guitar playing will heighten the quality of your tunes, and it will help you stand out from the usual play you do.
  10. Country Guitar Styled "Chicken Pickin"
    Country isn’t as one dimensional as most musicians would have you believe. In fact, country guitarists tend to use some of the most impressive guitar techniques in modern music. So why do they get such a bad rap?
  11. Basic Bluegrass Chord Progressions
    Starting a new musical style requires some basic knowledge of the common bluegrass guitar chord progressions and principles of the style.

Country Style And Bluegrass Guitarists Section 

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Posted at 9:40:pm 11/08/11 by Roberto I from Italy

Perhaps the greatest thing about video lessons is that, more often than not, they are free. There are thousands of great lessons on sites such as YouTube, as well as personal sites that offer free sections full of technique walk-throughs and lessons ranging from beginner to advanced.

Of course, free content is often limited in terms of the depth of lessons. On this note, a paid subscription with Jamplay is the best choice you can make.

Unlike sheet music or tabs, you aren’t limited to the range of the book; you are free to progress so long as there are videos to support your needs. This means that you will have the chance to push yourself further as a musician and expand your knowledge to a broader range.

In the end, the deciding factor is you. If you prefer sheet music and paper, then bluegrass guitar lessons on video may not be for you. But if you prefer jamming with friends over jamming alone, video guitar lessons will be a closer fit.