Aeolian Guitar Mode And Scales

Aeolian ModeOne of the best things about guitar playing is the number of variances that you can play with it. You might have been aware already of the most basic major and minor scales in the guitar, and you might have successfully added dynamics by using both strumming and plucking.

However, there are other ways to make your sound more dynamic. Following modes will help you attain a certain note range and will add an effect to the sound you produce.

Most of these modes are used frequently in certain genres, and they spell the difference between other genres. This article will discuss one of the modes that you can use if you are making jazz, blues, funk or pop music. It is commonly called the Aeolian guitar mode.

The Aeolian guitar mode, if you have not heard of this term yet, is also referred to as the ‘natural’ minor scale. Compared to the major scales, you can distinguish this mode as a somewhat sadder version.

This is the reason why an Aeolian mode is used fervently in songs with eerie, mystifying, or lonesome undertones. Perfecting this mode is actually an easy job, as long as you know your major and minor scales.

Here’s An Example On How to Play the Aeolian Mode Using the C Scale

First, do the root. Since we are playing C here, pluck the fifth string after placing your left-hand index finger on the third fret. This will determine what scale you are playing in the Aeolian mode. Next, place your ring finger into the fifth fret of the same string and then play the note you produce.

After that, your pinky finger should be placed into the sixth fret of the same string. Then, to make a dynamic change, pluck the string.

After finishing the fifth string, it is now time to start with the fourth string. Move your index finger into the third fret in that string and then play the note. Then, update the location of your ring finger by placing it on the fifth fret of the same string. Instead of playing the note here, pluck it. For the last note to be played in this string, press the sixth fret of this string using your pinky finger.

The last string to go is the third string, and you can start by plucking the note when your index finger is already on the third fret. As a last note, play the note you can produce when adding your ring finger on the fifth fret of the same string.

Continuously play the notes explained in the previous paragraphs and try to master them. If you have gained enough confidence, you should play those notes in a faster pace to create the feel of the C Aeolian mode.


To help you get more Aeolian modes, change the first note, or the root. This will effectively change the key you are playing in the Aeolian guitar mode. If you have time to spare, check out view the video above to find out exactly how this can be done.

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