Blues Guitar Blueprint Review

blues guitar blueprint dvd courseLearning the blues is fun, but it isn’t always easy. There are dozens of instructional DVDs on the market that all claim to be able to teach you how to master blues guitar in a fraction of the time of their competitors.

One of the most prominent DVD sets on the market is the Blues Guitar Blueprint set. It looks professional and sounds professional, but sometimes that isn’t enough.

In our Blues Guitar Blueprint review, we’ll discuss whether this is a one-time case of getting the formula right.

The first thing that we want to point out before we get into any of the product components, is the product site itself. This is one of the few products on the market whose site isn’t a roving advertisement filled with outrageous claims and hundreds of lines of gimmicky ads. For Blues Guitar Blueprint, that is already a huge point in the basket, as it shows a level of maturity on the company’s part as well as professionalism.

So What Is Included In The Blues Guitar Blueprint?

Two DVD’s, four CD’s, and a spiral bound workbook. Pretty basic, but then again it shouldn’t be the amount of material that matters but the quality of the material.

Here’s Our Review Of Nate Savage’s Blues Guitar :

The DVD’s are professional to say the least. They aren’t shot with webcams, and they use onscreen diagrams and chord charts to describe the licks being played. It is a little extra effort on the company’s side and it goes a long way towards making the lessons easier and more fulfilling.

Nate Savage is a good instructor. He speaks clearly, breaks down key concepts, walks through the licks and describes everything that is going on, all techniques being employed.

When it comes to explaining licks, he doesn’t leave it to the onscreen tabs; he tells you which fingers go into which positioning on which frets. Yet another point in the basket, as it is a professional way to approach the lessons; going the extra mile even though the material is right on the screen.

The four CD’s are packed with play along tracks. They are high quality, ranging from beginner to intermediate, and they are easy to play over. They aren’t overly bulky, they aren’t full of obscure licks or runs or progressions; they are straightforward blues tracks that will allow you to develop your improvisational skills.

The spiral bound workbook goes over all of the licks, including the tablature and fingering. It also goes over the concepts being employed. It is a great companion to the set and simply adds value.


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Conclusion Of Our Review

So what is the overall conclusion of our Blues Guitar Blueprint review? Nate Savage and Railroad Media have put together a great product. They know how to market themselves without coming across as needy and desperate, and they know exactly what makes a full package for a musician.

The material included is high quality, and it all fits together perfectly. If you are looking to learn the blues and don’t know where to get started, the Blues Guitar Blueprint could very well be the DVD set for you.

Here’s a Quick Recap Inside Blues Guitar Blueprint

blues guitar blueprint spread

2 Lesson DVDs of over 41 special blues licks
• 4 Jam Along CDs with different keys of music for practice
Detailed workbook to guide you along the lessons
• Online access to private members community

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Blues Guitar Blueprint is covered with a 90-day full-fledged no questions asked refund policy. There is absolutely NO RISK at all for you to try this course. Once you try this course and see REAL results, I guarantee you won’t be sending it back.

Where From Here?

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Blues Guitar Blueprint Achieves the Best Rating of 4.5/5 – Reviewed by Robert Ewing

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